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How would you live your life if you were diagnosed with terminal cancer?

Valerie Harper Inspires

I am so touched by Valerie Harper…not only is Valerie an incredibly accomplished actress, but her warmth and grace has been so touching during this terrible diagnosis of leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a rare condition that happens when cancer cells invade into the fluid-filled membrane that surrounds the brain. She has been told by her doctors she will likely be able to survive about three months.

She has bravely gone on television, visiting The Today Show, The Doctors, The Talk, Good Morning America, and spoken with People Magazine. Each interview had her glowing with life accepting her diagnosis when you know she is in shock.

We see her looking healthy and beautiful and as so many with metastatic cancer do. People are surprised because they not look as though they are very ill especially at the beginning of their diagnosis. Different cancers at different metastatic stages are like that and each one has a different set of statistics for how much time a patient has a chance of living.

Valerie’s courage and willingness to share this private part of her life with all of us is just beautiful.

Read the whole story from "Susan's Blog - Advocates for Breast Cancer" posted March 13, 2013. Or read more about Valerie Harper from the Daily News article titled "Valerie Harper: ‘I broke down’ after terminal brain cancer diagnosis ... then told myself to ‘get over it’".

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