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Rebecca JenkinsonI believe the key to time management is preparation and organization. Taking that first week before your course begins to read over the syllabus and any assignments that are already posted will help you tremendously. If any of the assignments are posted, such as reading, you can really get a headstart on the course, which can alleviate any feelings of “being behind.” Seven week courses are really condenced and often there can be a great amount of reading that is due weekly, so getting ahead can reduce any anxiety.

Find a schedule that works for you. When you do your best work? Or what time do you have available? Set small goals. I found that doing more throughout the week keeps me on track, like if I were to read one of out three chapters the first day of that week – then I would do one discussion posting that is relevant to the reading. Some weeks may be busier than others, planning accordingly at the start of each week so you know how to compensate for lack of study time on those days.

The constant theme in my courses have been Sunday is the last day of the week where assignments are due. Knowing this every Sunday night before bed, I wipe off my dry erase board of past assignments and write the new assignments for the next week. Monday mornings I start fresh, look at my dry erase board and I feel prepared and ready to get started! I can not stress it enough, organization!!

Rebecca Jenkinson, 31, is a Bachelor’s of Applied Studies in Leadership and Organizational Studies student from Berlin, Wis. Jenkinson was inspired to go back to college in 2011 by her desire to work in human resources, and she said she also hopes to be a role model for her four children.

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