Make Your College Experience Better—Get Involved!

Tim ThiedeTim Thiede is a Radio/TV/Film major with a minor in journalism. Thiede is from Richland Center, Wis. and is graduating in May 2013. He lives on campus, and is the development director for UW Oshkosh’s radio station, WRST-FM.

When I became a full-time student at UW Oshkosh in 2008 I was excited about the decision that I made to return to school. In order to attend college full time and save expenses, I decided to leave my home in Richland Center and live on campus in Stewart Hall, which housed nontraditional students at that time. The first day I moved in the excitement turned into fear and uncertainty that I would fit in because of the age gap between me and those who were attending the University.

With this new found fear I could have either hid in my room until I had to attend classes or I could go out and get to know others. The great thing about living in a residence hall was the hall staff. Once I got to know the staff they encouraged me to take part in the events on campus including Taste of Oshkosh, which is held during opening week. After visiting various tables and talking with different organizations I realized that the best way to be a part of the campus was get involved. Since I am a Radio/TV/Film major I decided I wanted to get involved at WRST, the campus radio station.

Tim Thiede On Air at WRST

Tim Thiede On Air at WRST

Getting involved with WRST, and a few years later Titan TV, not only helped me get involved and meet many great people it also helped me with my Radio/TV/Film broadcasting skills.

Another way I have gotten involved on campus is working at the front desk of Evans and Stewart Halls where I have gotten to know so many great individuals. This made me realize no matter your age others treat you with kindness. I feel this is because we are all students who are here to achieve the same dream.

My activities are just a couple examples of getting involved. There are so many organizations you can get involved with on campus despite your age. Ways you can discover getting involved include Taste of Oshkosh, the Student Leadership & Involvement Center and the LLCE adult student resources.

Getting involved on the UW Oshkosh campus is a great experience despite your age. Not only will you meet great individuals you can call friends, but you may even gain a second family as I have been blessed to have happen to me.

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