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Tim ThiedeTim Thiede is a Radio/TV/Film major with a minor in journalism. Thiede is from Richland Center, Wis. and is graduating in May 2013. He lives on campus, and is the development director for UW Oshkosh’s radio station, WRST-FM.

My name is Tim Thiede, and I am a 48-year-old nontraditional student at UW Oshkosh. When I was asked to be a blog contributor I was more than happy to say yes.

I am majoring in Radio/TV/Film with a minor in Journalism and hope to work in radio and possibly do some freelance writing. Currently I am development director for the campus radio station WRST-FM, where I also host an award winning show I created called Alternative 80s .

I am graduating in May and am about to achieve my dream of earning a college degree. I was born and raised on a farm outside Muscoda, Wis. and after I graduated from Riverdale High School I moved to Richland Center, a town close to Muscoda, where I lived most of my life.

My 4 and a half years at UW Oshkosh have had their ups and downs but mostly highs due in part to many individuals I have had the honor of getting know and am happy to call my friends. That is why I am happy to be a blog contributor so I can share my experiences with current and future nontraditional students, and hopefully after reading about my experiences it will make college life easier.

You may ask what made me decide to return to college full time. Part of it has to do with what many other individuals throughout the country have experienced. There was talk of possible lay-offs at the plant where I worked, and since I never really felt totally happy doing what I did, it made the decision of returning to school easier.

I did attend UW-Richland, a two-year institution in Richland Center, to see if it was what I wanted to do. After receiving straight A’s during one semester I was happy with my decision. After consulting with nontraditional adviser George Henze he suggested attending UW Oshkosh because of the great RTF department. The next semester I made the move.

I am very happy with the choice I made — and believe me times can be scary. Adapting to college life has its obstacles, like when I was diagnosed with Appendix Cancer back in January of 2011. But thanks to everyone I know on campus who helped me adapt, and to the great care I received at Vince Lombardi Cancer Center, along with the great support system from my family and friends, I have overcome the obstacles. Another factor is the desire I have that I will not let anything stand in my way.

I hate to say much more as forthcoming posts will explain more in detail the things I have discussed. I am looking forward to discussing it with you and I hope to make you feel more positive. I may bring tears to your eyes, as well as mine, when I go into detail about my bad experiences, especially the cancer, but most of all I hope to make you smile a lot.

Until my next post I am attaching a video from You Tube, which is an audio piece I made in late 2010 about being a nontraditional student. It was just before my cancer diagnosis, but still everything I talk about holds true.

Life as a Nontraditional Student video

Until my next post I have a couple questions to help make you think and feel free to respond to them.

First question is do you feel adults returning to school make a smart choice? Depending on your opinion, why or why not?

Another question is if you are considering returning or have returned what do you feel could be done to make your college experience a good one?

Also, if you have anything that you would like to ask me feel free to comment and I will try to answer them in my future blogs. Once again I am looking forward to telling you about the road to achieving a dream and I hope to make everyone feel better about the choices each of you make and I hope I am making your road less bumpy.

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