Content Strategy = Telling Stories

Having been a part of the transformation of communications on this campus since 2008, almost from the very beginning, I’m fortunate enough to have been here for many key milestones. While there were many along the way, the most visible milestones, I feel, are:

  • The development and implementation of a unified web presence
  • The development and rollout of a new visual identity system (brand guidelines)
  • The development and rollout of an integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategy, and the infrastructure to support and evolve it
  • The implementation of an integrated marketing strategy to support undergraduate admissions
  • The adoption and full integration of social media as a part of the campus IMC strategy

There has been a lot of work done over the past several years to develop a communication plan and infrastructure to support the mission of this campus, to support faculty and staff in their efforts and the build collaboration around how we execute IMC at UW Oshkosh. Today, we are at the point in our evolution that we can begin to truly fine tune strategy and build our collaboration efforts.

This fall we launched a new content strategy with the goal of creating content, campus-wide, that reflects the excellence and distinctiveness of UW Oshkosh. With a strong infrastructure in place to disseminate content, we can put our focus on telling the stories of our campus. We find the best way to uncover the stories we need to tell is through campus collaboration. With that, we formed a group we call “Story Champions” that meet every Thursday, representatives from areas all across campus, to discuss amazing student stories, faculty, staff, events, research and any other subject people want to share. We decide which stories to tell then decide how to tell them.

meet-uwo-adFrom my perspective, a content strategy begins with the types of content we should create, meaning what stories are we going to tell. From there you can identify the channels to use to get the story out. We have a weekly news show we put on Youtube, a weekly email newsletter that goes to all campus employees, social media, UW Oshkosh Today news site, “Meet UW Oshkosh” profile website, college websites, department websites, the University home page, local media, national media and so many other places to disseminate content. Until you know what the story is, it’s hard to identify where the story will be best told.

The Story Champions are the key to the success of our content strategy. They have the stories worth telling. The Story Champion meetings are open to anyone on campus so please consider attending. They are 30 minutes every Thursday at 10:00 in the IMC office.   

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