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On January 11, 2012 Alex Hummel and I were honored to present an online webinar for the American Marketing Association. The topic was “University Branding on a Decentralized Campus.” We discussed the integrated marketing communications strategy at UW Oshkosh, how we got and how we’ve come to truly unify our brand and messaging. Having been at UW Oshkosh for the large majority of this process it is really nice to discuss and reflect on how far we’ve come. Our campus has truly become a national model in how to effectively structure communication on a campus with an emphasis on collaboration. Alex and I presented on some of the tools we’ve implemented here such as Brand Review and Champion Chats as examples of how we work together at UW Oshkosh to make the most out of our communications efforts.

The most common question asked by attendees of the webinar was “Did we bring in consultants to implement this strategy.” I’m very proud to answer that question with a NO. The initiative began with a charge in 2005 to a task force on campus, they involved additional campus resources to execute extensive research both internally and externally, and it eventually evolved into an fully operational IMC department that continues to drive this strategy forward. We had, and still have, the expertise on campus to build and support this strategy, and most importantly this campus has the collaborative spirit that became the driving force behind its success.

The entire webinar is available to view here:

Following the webinar we were given a list from the AMA of over 100 questions and comments from attendees. Questions ranged from finding out how we interact with specific areas of campus such as Admissions to what project management tools do we use to manage our workflow. People were very interesting in our Account Liaison System and Brand Review process, and also asked very detailed questions such as “Can I see your creative brief.” I would say 90% of attendee questions can be answered by looking at the IMC website, which we try to keep as a functional toolbox for campus to get the resources they need.

Thanks again to the AMA for inviting us to present on what proved to be a very important topic in the higher education community.

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