The Fox Valley Writing Project WILL HOLD an Invitational Summer Institute in 2015. Individuals who have been recommended will be invited to apply.

The Fox Valley Writing Project Summer Institute provides an outstanding opportunity for K-12 teachers to learn about effective literacy practices and to improve classroom instruction in all content areas. Participants in this six-credit graduate course engage in writing activities, reflect on their teaching, read professional texts and share their expertise.

The following are a few of the outstanding projects that have come from past Summer Institutes.

“Motivating Adolescent Writers” was presented at the Hot Topics Conference in October 2011 by Christine Hartjes, an English teacher at Oshkosh North High School, and 2010 Summer Institute Teacher. Thank you to Christine for allowing her work to be shared!

Jenny Serwe, 2011 Summer Institute, created this Ice Age RAFT Video which explains how she incorporated RAFT (role, audience, format, and topic) into a classroom project on the Ice Age.

Michelle Draves, FVWP Teacher Leader from Berlin, Wi, shared the following piece noting the power of time to write in the Summer Institute.

See where the writing takes you…
is an invitation to abandon the
to notice what everyone
else missed,
see what only you can see,
implying that there is more than
one path
and the one you
has value.
Your voice matters.
There is someone,
even if that
someone is just
who needs to hear it.
See where the writing takes you…”
— Michelle Draves, Berlin