Path in Clintonville website   Advancing Disciplinary Literacy in Rural Schools (ADLRS) 2015 is being offered through a Wisconsin Educators Improving Teaching Quality grant awarded to FVWP, CESA 8, and the Clintonville School District.  This program is an extension of work begun in 2013-14 for middle and high school teachers in rural districts. This professional development program will focus on developing a collaborative, professional community of educators who are committed to improving their teaching, to aligning their teaching with Common Core Literacy Standards for Subject Area Classrooms,  and to inquiring about their own teaching practices.  There are no fees required by the teacher participants or their districts as the work is fully funded through the grant.  All participants will receive three graduate credits from UW Oshkosh.  For more information on the program schedule and on the application procedures, go to: 2015-16 ADLRS .