What Common Core State Standards has this middle school student met?

Kudos to a member of the Slinger Writers Club, facilitated by FVWP teacher leaders Robyn Bindrich and Paul Walters, on his video promoting the club and the value of writing.

Middle Schooler’s Promotional Video for Authors  Club

Robyn and Paul have also facilitated a young writers camp for middle and high school students the past two summers at Slinger High School.  In June of 2013, sixteen middle and high school students from the area met daily to improve their writing skills and to discover where their writing might take them.  “Basically, the idea is to write what you love,” Walters says about the camp.  “We give . . . some prompts and things like that but then they can take it whatever direction they want.  It’s a good hour every day just to write; then we try to encourage the kids with ideas for publication.”  Other 2013 camp activities included a writing marathon at Pike Lake State Park and the publication of an anthology of pieces which the campers revised and polished for a public audience.  Camp leader Robyn Bindrich, a seventh-grade literature teacher at Slinger Middle School, said of last year’s campers: “I’m very impressed with their courage.  I know how difficult writing can be, especially if it’s personal. . . When we write in a group, it’s not ‘I write; I write.’ We’re all together and we’ve all got each other’s backs.  There’s a different dynamic that is not in the classroom.  It’s more of an adventure we’re taking as a group.  A few of the student have even moved in a musical direction.”

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