Meet Traci Wiess



  • Hometown: Waterford, Wisconsin
  • Major:  Elementary Education – Early Childhood through Middle Childhood
  • Minor: Spanish (non licensable)
  • Student Teaching Placement: Oaklawn Elementary, 4th grade
  • Length:18 weeks


Why I decided to become a teacher: 

I’ve always loved working with children and learning as a whole.  However, I didn’t decide to become a teacher until about half way through my freshman year of college.  At the time, I was planning on pursuing a degree in political science – until I had the realization that I just would not be happy at a desk job.  I love to be moving, talking, creating, and learning – so teaching was the obvious choice.

Thoughts and feelings about student teaching:

At first I was super nervous about student teaching, but now I’m just excited!  It’s going to be a challenge, one that is going to prepare me to find a job and pursue this career for the rest of my life.  The classroom that I’m teaching in is a 4th/5th grade multi-age classroom that is team taught, and I’ve never been in that type of classroom.  I cannot wait to see how the teachers collaborate and meet the needs of the students in a multi-age classroom.  What is even more daunting than teaching in a style of classroom that I’ve never seen before is the fact that each class has 28 students – that’s a grand total of 56 students!  I definitely have a lot of learning ahead of me – and I’m okay with that.  After all, I am teacher!

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  • Is that 56 students in one room, or do they rotate to other rooms?

    • 56 in one room! It is a 4th/5th multiage classroom. They have 2 rooms with an opening in between. They do much of their learning together – but some of it seperate. It is a new and very cool experience. I will tell all about it in my next post!

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