Constantly learning, finding purpose

Stacy Schreiber is a non-traditional student from Oshkosh who returned to school last year, after eight years off. The Human Services Leadership major is taking classes while also working more than 30 hours a week as an ER Tech in Appleton.  With huge supporters in her husband, parents and in-laws, she returned to school with a desire to do more to help people beyond health care and to show her child that school was important, no matter what your age, and it is important to do something for yourself.

I’ve been interning at FTP for about 8 weeks now, and I am still feeling very fortunate to be able to work with this awesome program and group of people.  There isn’t a time I don’t feel like I’m learning something-whether it be about the families we’re working with, about certain real-life situations, or about myself.  I have used my knowledge to really think about things, and to put things into perspective.  I’ve learned that people will not change if they don’t want to, and that even if I don’t have all the answers, that’s okay, I don’t have to.

I think my communication skills have improved, because I’ve learned I don’t necessarily have to say a lot, but really listen to somebody, and reflect on that.  My process skills have improved as well, in the ways I ask people questions or just present myself. I have had the chance to meet and directly work with two families so far, and have found that every family, no matter their circumstance or story, is incredibly unique and has their own story to tell.

I have only been in this role for 8 weeks, but I truly feel like I am doing what I am supposed to be, after being undecided for so long, I think I found what I should be doing.  I am so lucky to be spending the next 9 months with FTP (as I’m combining my internships, and working through next summer), I can only hope to be part of a team like this one day.

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