Learning about other people’s real-life issues and problems

Stacy Schreiber is a non-traditional student from Oshkosh who returned to school last year, after eight years off. The Human Services Leadership major is taking classes while also working more than 30 hours a week as an ER Tech in Appleton.  With huge supporters in her husband, parents and in-laws, she returned to school with a desire to do more to help people beyond health care and to show her child that school was important, no matter what your age, and it is important to do something for yourself.

I’ve been interning for about three weeks now, and things have been great.  Just getting this experience is an amazing opportunity.  I currently am working with two families, and we will probably be getting another one soon.  Learning about other people’s real-life issues and problems is probably preparing me the most for my future.  No amount of books or teaching can prepare you for seeing real people, in their element, their own homes, behaving how they do.  I’m learning that communication is so important in family and there has to be mutual respect between children and adults for success.

I know with time, I will develop more skills to feel more like part of the team, as right now I’m doing a lot of observing.  I am free to say anything in our meetings, ask any questions I want and participate how I feel comfortable.  In the future, I will be expected to do more, but it’s okay for now to observe more.  The challenges I see so far are just lack of knowledge in this type of setting.  Again, I know it will get easier, but I sometimes feel I don’t know the right things to say.  I am working with very supportive people who are completely kind, helpful and great resources!

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