To see them for who they are…

Stacy Schreiber is a non-traditional student from Oshkosh who returned to school last year, after eight years off. The Human Services Leadership major is taking classes while also working more than 30 hours a week as an ER Tech in Appleton.  With huge supporters in her husband, parents and in-laws, she returned to school with a desire to do more to help people beyond health care and to show her child that school was important, no matter what your age, and it is important to do something for yourself.

I am interning at Family Training Program (FTP) in Neenah.  From what I have learned so far, this program sees families who are in need of support in Winnebago County.

The employees pair up and go into people’s homes, and help them with any kind of resources they need, like help with school (returning/continuing), employment, child care services…basically any needs they have.  I am really excited to learn more, because I don’t quite know everything they help with yet.

I am very fortunate that professor Larie was the one to seek me out for this internship and, at the request of FTP, I am combining my two internships, and will be interning there straight through next summer.  I’ll be done with classes in May and done with my internship in the summer.

I am looking  to better myself in a way where I can look at the big picture for people I am helping.  To see them for who they are as people, not what they have, to do my best to help them in any way I can, in part by making a relationship with a family.

To help people become what they strive for, and to help families become closer in any way I can.  I strive myself to be professional at all times, knowing that families I will see may be similar to me/mine, and some may be complete opposite, but to treat everyone equally.

I want to help people, and I feel this is the perfect opportunity for me to make a difference, even if it’s for one person.

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  • Nicely done Stacy. Your support network team also recognizes your skills , talents and abilities. The field is fortunate to welcome you. I look forward to reading more your impressions.

    Annette Larie

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