Able to help others in more ways than she had imagined

Cassandra JohnsonCassandra Johnson is a junior Human Services Leadership (HSL) major, with a Psychology minor,  from Fond du Lac, Wis.,  who is enrolled through the Human Services Collaborative Degree Program (though she is taking her electives on the UW Oshkosh campus). She choose HSL because she has always wanted to help others, and with the degree she will be able to help others in more ways than she had imagined.

I am interning at Solutions Center Shelter and Support Services, a non-profit organization. They provide the only homeless and domestic violence shelters in Fond du Lac County. They have the Men’s Shelter, Women’s Shelter and most recently the Family Shelter. They also have their office where there is a therapist, child/teen advocate, and the housing advocate. The housing advocate helps those who have a pending eviction notice or a electric disconnection notice. There are guidelines and stipulations on who and when they can assist though.

I will be interning with Michelle, the Child & Teen Advocate. She meets with the children in shelter at least on a weekly basis, goes to various schools in the Fond du Lac School District and has groups on having healthy relationships. She also serves as one of the legal advocates on staff.

I want to work in the behavioral health field, primarily with children. I hope to learn various coping techniques from Michelle and different ways to approach a difficult topic with children. I am also hoping to learn how to help children and their parents have better communication and an overall better relationship.

I have volunteered over the summer at Solutions Center and worked with Michelle multiple times, so I feel that has helped prepare me on what environment I will enter, though the clients change often. It isn’t known whether or not I am able to work at the schools with Michelle, but we are hoping to hear soon on whether or not the district will allow it.

I am very excited about this opportunity I have been given and ready for this experience to begin.

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