Rewarding Experiences

0Samantha Hessel, from Maribel WI. She will be licensed Special Education Cross Categorical Middle Childhood through Adolescence with an emphasis in learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate, and a Spanish minor. Her 18-week placement is taking place at Shattuck Middle School.

Student teaching is flying by! I can’t believe I am over half way through this experience! It is super exciting, but terrifying and sad at the same time. I realize my time at my school is coming to a close and I love my placement and kids so much. I do not want to let them go! I have truly enjoyed my 18 week placement and am so thankful that I have been able to spend an extended amount of time with my kiddos. I feel the last couple weeks have allowed me to truly get to know my kids and to continue building relationships with them. Some of them it has taken me at least half of the semester to build a trusting relationship with them, others it clicked much sooner. Along with trying to lesson plan, complete my assignments, and get the most out of this experience I have been applying for jobs. That in and of itself is stressful. When I attended my first “real” job interview I was terrified. That is an emotional experience no one can prepare you for until you are in the throes of it. At times I feel my “to-do” list is never ending.

Student teaching is by the far the most influential, exciting, terrifying, and rewarding experience of my educational career. I feel I finally have had a true taste of what teaching will be like and know I am in the right profession.

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