Coming To an End…

Loryn CornetteSenior Human Service Leadership major, Loryn Cornette, of Greenleaf, blogs about her final semester at UW Oshkosh. Loryn juggles being a full time student, holding the Treasurer position of the Human Services Organization on campus, having an on campus job in the Undergraduate Academic Resource Center as a Peer Advising Liaison, and working 21 hours a week at her advanced internship placement at UW-Fox Valley’s Student Services Office.  Follow Loryn’s blog posts as she writes about her final experiences on campus before commencement in May.

As the semester nears towards the end, so does my 280 hour Advanced Internship placement at the University of Wisconsin Fox Valley working with the TRiO – Educational Talent Search program within the Student Affairs Office.  I have truly gained an enormous amount of information regarding the grant TRiO program, the students the program serves, and various universities and colleges around the state regarding admission processes and campus life.

My main project within the TRiO program was working with TRiO alumni students at UW Fox Valley.  I had a core group of 24 alumni students that I was able to meet with regularly throughout the semester. The improvements and results from these students are outstanding and I am very impressed with the progress.  It has been a great experience working with students at UW Fox Valley and being able to act as a support system for the students.

Another project included coordinating a Pre College Summer Program booklet for the Kaukauna and Menasha school coordinators to hand out to students. I compiled a booklet of Wisconsin universities and colleges around the state that conducted summer pre college programs for middle and high school students. The school coordinators held a Pre College Parent Night for parents of both districts to attend to learn more about the programs and to get more information.

Between working with students and completing projects at UW-Fox Valley, I also chaperoned many different field trips throughout the semester.  Field trips to UW-Whitewater, UW-Milwaukee, Marquette University, Discovery World, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, UW-Fox Valley, and UW Oshkosh kept me busy throughout my internship hours as well. It was interesting to learn about different universities and colleges around the state and what they have to offer to students.

I also had the opportunity to take part in the Regional Placement Testing as an Administrator for two Saturday’s in April. I administered a room of 70 students, which was the largest testing room for both days. This was a great experience because I was able to get comfortable speaking to a large audience and monitoring a large group of people. This opportunity has only helped prepare me for next fall as I help assist with a 1 credit business course with Career Services to a lecture pit of 120 students.

Odds-and-ends projects and events have filled various hours throughout my time at UW Fox Valley. I was fortunate enough to attend two conferences held at UW Fox regarding higher education, along with various speakers and authors that visited the campus.  There was never a time within my 280 hours that I felt bored or had nothing to do. My 280 hour Advanced Internship Placement was one of the best opportunities I had had thus far in my education career.

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  • Tammie DeVooght Blaney

    The TRIO program was fortunate to have you working with us and especially our students this semester. I am excited for the opportunnities ahead of you, Loryn.

  • We will be very sad to see you go Loryn! You were such a huge help to the program!

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