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Alli ThompsonAlli Thompson, from Wisconsin Rapids is currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh majoring in Human Services, with a minor in History.  At the UW Oshkosh she juggles four classes while serving as president of the Human Service Organization along with being a member of  National Society of Leadership and Success and Golden Key International Honor Society. Follow her as she blogs about her final semester at UWO and her internship experience at Winnebago Mental Health Institute.

It is April already?  Where did the last month go?  It is crazy how fast this semester is going.  I can say with full confidence that the WMHI is a perfect fit for me.  Like I said in my previous post,  I am constantly learning.  I feel like every day I learn something new about mental illness or about WMHI itself, which is makes coming into WMHI every day fun.

A quick overview of the last month: I continued to work with the Occupational Therapist staff, which consisted of me going up on the units.  During my time spent on the units I worked with patients on social interactions with others by partaking in a morning coffee group, playing cards such as Uno, Skipo, Phase 10 and participating in daily exercise, creativity and personal growth groups.  My time spent on the units is always different but also a ton of fun.  This month I also had the opportunity to go down to the Waterwood School.  This was a learning experience, because it was a different than what I had originally expected. I learned that many of the students have drug abuse issues and every day for an hour they partake in ADOA class.  The teachers are wonderful individuals who truly care about the schools and work hard to prepare the students for their future outside of the WMHI.

Lately I have not been on the units or at the Waterwood School, because I have been focusing my time down at Volunteer Services  working on our Volunteer Recognition event.  My supervisor Linda has given me full authority to make the event my “baby”.  Our theme is “Volunteers are Recipe for Success” with green and red colors.  I never realized until this internship how hard and time consuming it is to put on event like this.  I have had to go out silicate to local businesses, call them up to make see they had time to consider our donation request.  My supervisor and have come up with ideas for the volunteers gift, because I have made up a bingo game, which consisted of me thinking of 36 questions, because it is somewhat different than a typical bingo.  This game asks questions and then you have to find the answer on the board in the form of picture.  I have also typed up recipes for the volunteers to take home.  These recipes are all recipes used frequently at WMHI as meals and are considered staff and patient favorites.  On top of Volunteer Recognition we have spent a lot of time preparing for WMHI’s 140th Birthday.  For this we are supporting together poster boards of information, playing the bingo game I have created, and opening the museum for two days and for longer hours.  So, for anyone interested come visit the WHMI Julianne Farrow Museum on Tuesday April 23 and Thursday April 25 between 1-6 p.m.  to learn more about WMHI and see what it once was to what it is now.

On top of my internship I have still have my classes and balancing my time between Human Service Organization, National Society of Leadership and Success and Golden Key.  I am constantly busy and feel like at times I never have time to breathe, but like I said early I love my internship which gets me excited to go bed at night and start the day all over again.  This semester I have learned a lot about myself and have had great opportunities to work on my professional skills such as time management, communication, and leadership abilities.  As busy as I am would not trade it for anything. But sadly, it is getting late and I am rather tried, one thing this internship has done to me is make me morning person and no longer an night owl! Stay Tuned!

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