Spring Break Fever is in the Air!

0Samantha Hessel, from Maribel WI. She will be licensed Special Education Cross Categorical Middle Childhood through Adolescence with an emphasis in learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate, and a Spanish minor. Her 18-week placement is taking place at Shattuck Middle School.

The kids are ready for a break and so am I! Being a full time teacher is exhausting! There are not enough hours in the day to get all of my materials prepared. Many times I feel two steps behind or I just make my deadline. Not only are there not enough hours in the day to get prepared, but there aren’t enough hours in the school day to teach my kids everything they need to be taught. I often feel like I need to teach 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, which is impossible. This sometimes leaves me feeling like I am failing my kids, but I have to know I am doing the best I can for them. When I look at how long the students are in school and how intense it is, no wonder they are tired!

On a positive note my kids just finished up their short story unit in my co-taught language arts class. At the culmination of this unit they had to compile a portfolio of elements project. There were fifteen possible items they could choose to complete based on the short story unit vocabulary. To accompany this project we read short stories as a class that they could use to complete this project or they could use their choice book. The students really struggled with the idea of this project and how to get started. At the first check point a week after we had assigned the portfolio many of the students were not on track. If they did have some started many times they weren’t right. We thought we were going to have to revamp the project because it was not going well. This caused me a lot of stress. I offered a lot of extra assistance to my students during my reading mediation class. The projects were due last Friday so my co-teacher and I graded them over the last week. I can’t speak for the both of us, but I was pleasantly surprised on how well the students did with the project. Two students that really struggled in the beginning did phenomenal jobs on the project. One of the students even did extra credit! Also at the end of the unit the students had to take a test. I am so proud to say that one of my students aced the test! It is these moments that make all the stressful, pull your hair out, crash in your bed at the end of the day moments worth it! To see them succeed and help them know how smart and successful they are brings so much joy to this job!

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