Developing professional identity

JacquelineJackie Paplham, from Kewaunee, Wisc., is in her fifth year at UW Oshkosh and will be graduating this May. She is majoring in Human Services with minors  in Psychology, Women Studies and Social Justice with an emphasis in Prejudice and Discrimination. Follow along as she shares her internship experiences during her final semester at UW Oshkosh.

My internship at CHAPS has been a wonderful experience thus far.  I am acting in accordance with CHAPS governing principles and regulations regarding their three mental health services.  I have been observing and interacting with many aspects of the non-profit organization.  I have been able to observe therapy sessions with clientele and the horses and participate in activities with the Day Treatment Program.

Through these experiences I am able to demonstrate a conceptual understanding of the situation and develop effective problem resolution and intervention strategies.  I sit in on staff and collaboration meetings as well as developing a food program and creating a fundraising event.  Through these opportunities I exhibit leadership ability by multi-level thinking and resourcefulness.  I really enjoy working with the staff as well as interacting with the clientele.  Through CHAPS I am able to really experience the many avenues of a non-profit organization and create my professional identity.

My internship with Peggy Miller I was able to observe a divorce mediation facilitated by a retired judge.  It was a valuable learning experience to evaluate his method of mediation as well as an opportunity to display my interpersonal communication skills at a professional level consistent with the Human Services profession’s conduct and ethical standards.  In addition I have been able to use technology and information management skills to perform administrative aspects within Dispute Solutions system.  Dispute Solutions is a new institute and is extremely well structured.  I am honored that I am able to continue creating my professional identity through Dispute Solutions.

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