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Paul Franzowiak, Menomonee Falls, Wi., is a Secondary Education Major with an emphasis in Mathematics. After tutoring friends in math, he was inspired to become a teacher. He will have a full 18 week placement at Maplewood Middle School in Menasha.

I’ve been at Maplewood for just over a month now and have started to take on many more roles at the school. I have begun to branch out from being the student teacher and have tried to take on more roles as a professional would in the field. Many of the staff members I teach with have become more than just co-workers, but friends I can turn to. I have gotten to know more and more about people in the building and how much some of us have in common outside of school. I have also taken on the role of the student learning from them. Many of them share words of advice, wisdom, and characteristics in what it means to have such an important role in the development of a student’s life.

Before starting my student teaching, one word of advice that I heard over and over again was to get involved in as many activities possible. When presented with the chance to play a supporting role in a department wide play, I jumped on this opportunity. The play entitled “The Time Machine” is a social studies department activity to present material in differentiated way. I cannot give out many of the details about this play, but am very excited to be part of something outside of my content area. Participating in this will definitely be one of the many the highlights of my student teaching experience.

As much as I am enjoying my placement, there have been a few days that I have struggled to get through and questioned if I am doing the right thing. There have been a few lessons that I have struggled to get through and had a hard time finishing up. However, struggling through these and reflecting upon how I could improve or reword what I was trying to say, has made me become a better teacher. I have learned about my own teaching style. There are many areas of teaching that I thought I was pretty good at, however, as it turns out these areas need a lot of improvements. After seeing these needs to improve this has shown me where I am at this point and how much I have already grown since I began a month ago.

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  • Good to hear that you are tapping into the expertise and support of your new colleagues. I’m curious to hear more about the Time Machine….

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