Developing As A Co-teacher

0My name is Samantha Hessel and I am from Maribel, WI, which is a small town half way between Manitowoc and Green Bay. After I complete student teaching in June of 2013 I will be licensed Special Education Cross Categorical Middle Childhood through Adolescence with an emphasis in learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate, and a Spanish minor.

I originally came to UWO with the intentions of becoming a child advocacy lawyer until I realized that wasn’t the best fit for the life I wanted. I was taking the career exploration class on campus which helped me in discovering special education. I then observed back in my hometown with a special education teacher at my high school and fell in love with special education. The rest is history.

I am teaching at Shattuck Middle School with the 8th grade specific learning disabilities teacher for the next 18 weeks. She currently co-teaches eighth grade language arts and her co-teacher is also taking on a student teacher this semester. When she isn’t teaching language arts she teaches reading mediation.

I am thrilled to be in a middle school. If I would have told myself that three years ago I would have thought I went off the deep end. There is just something about students at that age. They are witty, funny, and still have a joy and enthusiasm for learning, which makes my job fun and exciting. I am excited to just be in the classroom for longer than just a couple of weeks and to be able to see how my teaching will affect my kiddos. I am excited to learn and develop as a co-teacher to bring even more knowledge, excitement, and assistance to the students. My biggest concern is probably how nervous I am. This is something I have waited for and worked for for FOUR AND A HALF years! It is the true test, but I am ready to learn and experience this!

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