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Pahnia LeePanhia Lee is a Human Services Leadership major with a minor in Business Administration.  This is her final semester at UW Oshkosh.  She has always had a love for helping people, so found Human Services to be a great fit.  From Neenah, Wis., Lee will have her advanced field placement at ADVOCAP Inc. in Oshkosh.
Lee is looking forward to having a more hands-on experience in her advanced internship.  She hopes to gain more knowledge and enhance her skills throughout the semester while interning at her placement, working in Appleton and taking her final business class.  Follow along, as she shares her advanced internship experience throughout the semester.

It has been about 2 months since I have been interning at ADVOCAP.  I have learned so much – more than I ever thought I would.  With graduating in May and going through the process of finding my own job, I have found that even though I am helping clients job search, ADVOCAP has helped me in my own job search.  Although I have been praised for my skills in creating a resume, cover letter and so on, I have found ways to improve what I already know in these areas.

My supervisors have been very encouraging and open to my contributions.  I created a spreadsheet to document information for clients that attend the Career Club at the Workforce Development Center.  This club helps qualified individuals in job search – creating resumes and cover letters, applying for jobs online, mock interviews, and so on.  The spreadsheet will now be used for next year’s records, which I am proud of.  My supervisor will also be letting me take the lead in facilitating the Career Club in the month of April.  I will be the teacher while my supervisor will become my assistant.  I am very nervous about this opportunity because I know I struggle at being assertive.  I will take this challenge as an opportunity to improve on my leadership skills though.

I have also been conducting client appointments on my own.  This has been beneficial for me in regards to learning to adapt to a variety of people – interacting with different personalities.  I have found it difficult to get some of the clients to take me seriously because I am younger than them and am an intern, but I always reassure them that I am there to help them.  Also, I have been typing up my own case notes for each client I have seen, which my supervisors have used for documentation, so it makes me feel like I am really contributing.

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