Ready for a new semester of challenge

Oshkosh native Brianne Markofski is completing her last semester in the Human Services Leadership program. The Human Services major is a perfect fit for her because she has always felt passionate about valuing people and appreciating individuality. She enjoy the Human Services program because it resonates with her own beliefs that we should not judge others, rather we should try to understand them. Markofski is involved in the Human Services Organization on campus and participates in a several events every semester.

I am interning at The Christine Ann Center this semester. The Christine Ann Center advocates for victims of all types of abuse. The center stands as a safe shelter for women and children that experience abuse and need a temporary home that is confidential and security enforced.  The Christine Ann Center also offers a variety of services for victims of abuse including legal assistance, group therapy, one-on-one services and children’s programming. The main goal of the Christine Ann Center is to assist and motivate victims towards a safe life of self-sufficiency.

This is the second semester that I will be interning at the Christine Ann Center. I felt that my experience would have been limited with only my 120-hour internship. I was given permission to continue interning at the center for my 280-hour internship. I feel that last semester has thoroughly prepared me for the semester I am beginning now. I will continue to facilitate Children’s Group every week. My duties and expectations as an intern will be more comprehensive and involved with the children and the school system, duties that I was not given last semester. I will be assisting and observing the Children’s Advocate in one-on-one meetings with children at their schools and in the shelter.

I am thankful that I have gained a lot of experience and applied many skills during my internship last semester. I am hopeful that my experience will continue to grow this semester and that I will grasp onto opportunities to apply what I have learned.

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  • Hi Brianne,

    Thank you for sharing your insight and experience. What you bring to your placement, in addition to your skills and experience, is your motivation, self-directed learning energy and determination… A sure recipe for success.

    Annette Larie

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