Looking forward to more hands-on experiences

Pahnia LeePanhia Lee is a Human Services Leadership major with a minor in Business Administration.  This is her final semester at UW Oshkosh.  She has always had a love for helping people, so found Human Services to be a great fit.  From Neenah, Wis., Lee will have her advanced field placement at ADVOCAP Inc. in Oshkosh.
Lee is looking forward to having a more hands-on experience in her advanced internship.  She hopes to gain more knowledge and enhance her skills throughout the semester while interning at her placement, working in Appleton and taking her final business class.  Follow along, as she shares her advanced internship experience throughout the semester.

At the beginning of January I found out the placements I chose for my field placement last semester were not taking any interns in the spring.  I was disappointed, but after several emails back and forth with the Human Services Leadership (HSL) field placement assistant, I took an interview at ADVOCAP Inc.  The HSL assistant heard good things about this organization from prior students, so I did not hesitate to choose it for my internship.

ADVOCAP Inc. is a non-profit who helps low income people in the Fond du Lac, Green Bay and Winnebago Counties.  This organization has many programs such as Affordable Housing, Head Start, Business Development, Foster Grandparents, etc.  I began my training with my supervisor on January 31 to figure out my internship hours, meet the employees and get a tour of the building.  I look forward to seeing what ADVOCAP Inc. has to offer me and what I can offer to it.

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  • Thanks for you kind words about teh HS field office assistant. Best wishes with your placement and thank you for sharing your experience.

    Annette Larie

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