Love for music put into action through internship

Erica BrooksErica Brooks, a senior at UW Oshkosh, is an active Human Services Leadership major with a minor in Music. Along with being employed with five different offices throughout campus. Erica is also heavily involved with campus groups, organizations and events. Erica has participated in the University Alternative Spring Break trip to Guatemala, studied abroad in Kenya and volunteered with Hands on Oshkosh and through the Human Services Organization. Erica is excited to offer her services to the Boys & Girls Club in creating a music program that can continue to grow after she concludes her college education at Oshkosh.

For my required third and final internship to complete my degree in Human Services Leadership at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh I wanted to explore where I really want to put my time in and possibly continue in after graduation. I have many passions and joys in my life and was not sure which ones I wanted to pursue as a career. I struggled with the thought that I was a failure for not completing my original declared degree of Music Education. I love music and appreciate the time, energy and sacrifices music educators make to keep the art of music alive. With that in mind I started to explore possible music options I could incorporate for my final internship.

That was all I needed to do in order for my interest to be put into action. I was directed to the director at the Boys and Girls Club in Oshkosh and we instantly started putting a plan of action together. This included putting together a grant that will assist with purchasing keyboards, guitars, music and help with field trips.

The Boys and Girls Club is an after school program where children from ages six to eighteen can go after school. The club offers a place to complete homework, have a safe place after school, meals to be served and most of all a place where chances are given.

Once we received word that the Boys and Girls Club was awarded the grant I started to put together an idea for the program. My biggest goal was to not copy what the club member’s teachers would be doing in the classroom at school and to make it relaxing and fun! After being at the Boys and Girls Club for a couple hours I put some ideas into more of an appropriate perspective for me. The girls I will be working with love to move around, be crazy and simply be themselves.

My goal for this semester is to offer a place of relaxation where the club members may not be able to receive anywhere else. To put together a small musical so they can have something to be proud of and to work together in a creative positive environment.


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  • Nicely done Erica. It is obvious that you, the agency, and their clients have benifted from your programming….and I suspect, will continue to do so even after the internship has concluded.

    Annette Larie

  • Congratulations, Erica.

    What you are doing with your gifts and passion is inspiring. You are engaging young people and empowering others to think of the possibilities to make a difference.

    Ken Liske

  • Wow, your passion and dedication is inspiring, Erica!

    I’m actually wanting to create a similar program with a small group of students in Boys and Girls Club here in Canada.

    I hope more people like you would do this and be a legacy to all youth in Boys and Girls Club (Oshkosh)!

    -Jeka Ayson

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