Stay confident

Tim Schneider

It has been almost a month since I started my placement in a 2nd/3rd grade split classroom.  I was lucky to be able to stay in my same school, so my transition went very well.  I have 33 students in my new classroom including 6 with autism.  While it can be a challenging class at times, I really enjoy working with my new group.  Compared to the students I taught in K4, my students are very independent.  It is nice not having to tie shoes multiple times a day.

Although I enjoyed my previous group of students, I feel more comfortable teaching this class.  I think as a student teacher it is important to see what age you enjoy teaching the most.  Obviously you can’t be picky when applying for jobs, but it is also important to know your strengths as a teacher.  Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher to view other grade’s classrooms in the building.  It is important to see how teaching varies based on the age of the students.

This upcoming week I will be teaching grammar during our writing block, physical education, science, and art.  My cooperating teacher has been extremely helpful and supportive and gives me ideas for lessons and classroom management.  This has helped me develop confidence in my abilities.  Being confident in front of students is vital to be a teacher.  As soon as you lose confidence in yourself, the students will lose confidence in you.  Know that you have gone to school for 4-5 years to prepare yourself for this opportunity and you have the skills to teach these students.

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