Conquering one challenge, onto another

Next week is my last week student teaching in my K4 classroom.  I have had a lot of fun working with the students in my room.  While there have been many challenges presented to me during my time with the students, I have also had many successes.  I know that I have had an impact of these students and they have also impacted me as a teacher.

There are now 29 students in my classroom.  Just last week we welcomed another new student into our classroom.  It is very difficult to get a student used to the routines and procedures in a few days when the other students in the room have been practicing for almost two months. Luckily, the students in my classroom have been extremely helpful in showing the new students the ropes.  The students in my room really enjoy helping out, and if I need something done as a teacher all I have to do is ask.

On Thursday, our school had a harvest parade followed by a little party in our classroom.  Our students loved being able to march in a parade led by a drum line from an MPS high school.  They also enjoyed the treats that parents brought and helped distribute.  Our class has very involved parents and that helps tremendously in all aspects of teaching.

After this week, I will be moving on to a 2nd grade-3rd grade split classroom. While it will be a challenge to teach two different grade levels in the same room, I am excited for this new opportunity and eager to work with children at a different grade level.

Pictures of my students all dressed up for the harvest parade, and of course, me.

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