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Tim Schneider

Over a month has passed since I started my placement at 95th Street School in Milwaukee.  I am really enjoying my time there as well as all of the people I work with on a daily basis.  My students are beginning to develop writing skills; around half of the class can already write their names.  Some can even copy words.  The progress they have made in only one month of school astounds me.

Last week we went on a field trip to the apple orchard.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera back in the classroom.  The trip was a great experience and the students did a wonderful job not only at the orchard, but also on the bus ride to and from the trip.  It was interesting to seem some of the children excited to explore while some of the children were hesitant to stray from my cooperating teacher and me.

Next week is my first full week of teaching.  Today, I completed my lesson plans.  They are 17 pages in total.  It is amazing that things we do on a daily basis in K4 take so many words to explain.  I am quite excited to get to teach all week, but I realize there are many challenges to being in charge of a class for the whole week.  The main challenge will be classroom management.  The only good way to develop your style is to practice with students.  Student teaching is a great time to test strategies and determine which ones work best for you!

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