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Internship Spotlight: Tyler Karner, RR Donnelley

Tyler Karner at RR Donnelley

My name is Tyler Karner and I am currently an Operations Intern at RR Donnelley in Appleton, WI.  RR Donnelley is a massive company employing over 60,000 people world-wide.  The site I work at is a distribution and fulfillment center for multiple book publishers.

How did I get the internship?

I worked for RR Donnelley when I was in high school, as summer help, so I recognized their name on a list of companies attending the spring 2012 Career Fair at UWO.  I introduced myself to the human resource representative and gave her my résumé.  She informed me that RR Donnelley would have an internship opening in June 2012, so I kept in contact by e-mailing and checking the company website.  Finally, I saw the opening for an Operations Intern and applied on-line and also sent an e-mail to the contact from the Career Fair.  I had an over the phone interview followed by an in person panel style interview a week later.  After a few days, I heard back with good news and I was offered the position.

My role as an Operations Intern:

One of my roles at the company is helping with daily operation reports which we use Microsoft Excel frequently.  I have opportunities with project management on many time sensitive projects and have learned valuable communication skills. An operations internship at RR Donnelley is unique because the intern gets to experience every aspect of the business, which means interns often get to help and work supervisors and coordinators on the front line.

Internship Spotlight: Brett Spangle, Miller Electric

Company Overview

Miller Electric is the world’s leading arc welding manufacturer. Starting back in 1929 as a one-man operation, Miller has grown into a global business, and employs close to 1,500 workers. Headquarters are located in Appleton, Wisconsin, which is where I started my internship eight months ago.

My Role

My frequent responsibilities involve purchasing raw materials, receiving raw materials, and sending out RFQ’s to potential suppliers. A larger project I worked on involved a four-month analysis on lost revenue and wasted costs from our paint line troubles and supplier paint problems. My spreadsheets and information gathered was used in an across the country meeting with our supplier’s board members.


The biggest challenge with my internship is only working three days a week. I receive emails and phone calls from suppliers everyday. If it is a question that seeks immediate attention, they may have to wait a day to be assisted. This also tends to back up my workload. However, my supervisor is very understanding about reasonable time frames for projects.

My Experience

The very first aspect at Miller Electric that I noticed was its environment. Everyone is very caring and fun to work with. They are very helpful and I have learned so much from this experience. Not only has this internship helped with my understanding of the way a large business functions, it has also taught me how to present myself in a professional manner.

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