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Internship Spotlight: James (Myles) Teteak, Regus

How I Obtained My Internship

I am currently a Marketing Intern for commercial real estate company, Regus. I actually got my internship with the company through personal networking while giving tours on campus. The Regional Vice President for Regus was on one of my tours and offered to give me a position at the end of the tour.

My internship originally took place in Chicago, and since I had never lived there it was very intimidating going into it. Not only was I going to work in a new city, it is also the third largest city in the country and I would be working right in the middle of downtown. However, I quickly learned my way around and figured out how to use the public transit (trains, buses, etc.).

Getting Started

Once I started getting into the swing of things within the company I did see several areas where I could apply UWO coursework. In fact, QBA was a very vital part of me being able to have success with Regus. After having success in my position this summer, largely because of the skills I learned in QBA, I emailed Dr. Miller to thank him and let him know that his class was a big part of my success.

Regus has not had much interjection of young ideas recently. So when I got there I was able to take a look at things and see some things very differently from the way they had been looked at for so long. I also got the chance to give my insight on certain things. For example, marketing has largely been a weakness of theirs for a while, I was able to come in and offer fresh ideas.

Why I Like it at Regus

The biggest thing I have done so far is I was able to take a large sample of the Chicago market for Regus and use that to create a full marketing plan. I first researched the major verticals, and how they were divided throughout the market. Then I researched local marketing opportunities for each of these verticals. Once I had the entire plan together I presented it to several people, including the Regional Vice President that hired me.

I have really enjoyed my internship so far, and learned a lot of different things within the organization and outside of the organization. The most important thing I have learned though, is how important networking truly can be. I had no clue when I started my tour that day that I was talking to the man that would give me my first full-time job.

Internship Spotlight: Lauryn Jashinsky, Keystone Click

Lauryn Jashinsky, Marketing

Company Overview

Keystone Click , a Milwaukee based web agency, offers website design, content management system website development, Social Media marketing and consulting services,  eCommerce, Internet marketing and more. Keystone Click works with clients to redesign their website to the exact request of the client. This can include the visual appeal, speed, functionality, or whatever the customer desires.

Getting the Job

When they say it is all about who you know, they aren’t kidding. Having an apartment lease that didn’t start until September, I needed a job close to home in Milwaukee.  Titan Jobs had a lot of internship opportunities but not any within a reasonable distance from my house. I searched multiple companies in Milwaukee looking for marketing interns but kept getting the same response. No one wanted a student just finishing their sophomore year to intern. I hadn’t taken enough classes related to my major. It was true. I had just started scratching the surface of my marketing classes, only having taken Essentials of Marketing.

When I had nearly just accepted the fact that an internship was no longer an option for the summer of 2012, my cousin told me the company she works for was looking for a summer marketing intern. The timing couldn’t have been any better. They wanted someone young and eager to learn. “Hey, I could do that.” The next thing I knew, I was applying, interviewing, and starting my first day.

My Role in the Company

My small responsibilities change from day to day, but there are core projects that I work on daily. I am in charge of all of the Social Media for the company. I manage the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest pages. Every week I fill out a calendar and schedule all of the different posts I will need to make that week. I am in charge of thinking of fun and creative ways to get people engaged in our Social Media pages.

Currently, I am in the process of planning and organizing Office Olympics! Other projects include: identifying niche companies and targeting them through a marketing strategy we are in the process of developing, exploring other ways to advertise our company, and working on my own core project. My core project consists of developing a customer service survey and collecting the data myself through contact with the company’s last year of clients.

Is Having an Internship really as Important as Everyone Says it is?

Absolutely! Now that I have begun experiencing what an internship is really like, I finally understand the undoubtedly important role it will play in my future. I learned more on my first day than I thought I would learn throughout the whole duration of the internship. I am learning marketing lingo I never knew existed, a multitude of Internet tools used for Search Engine Optimization, and what it feels like to just get a taste of the direction I’m taking with the career path I have decided to pursue, just to name a few. It feels great having a job with responsibilities and tasks that actually interest you. Coming to work every day doesn’t feel like a chore, and that’s the way it should be. I would encourage sophomores, even freshman, to start looking for internships now. The sooner you get your first internship, the sooner you can use that experience to get more internships before you graduate. The more internships and experience you have, the more appealing you are to future employers. Don’t wait. Start looking for internships now.


Internship Spotlight: John Flanigan, Kelly Green Lawn Care LLC

John Flanigan, Finance


My name is John Flanigan I plan on graduating in December 2012 with a Marketing degree. I’m currently working at Kelly Green Lawn Care LLC as a Marketing/Scheduling Manager. Kelly Green Lawn Care LLC has been serving the Fox Valley since 2004, and is one of the top companies in its field

How I Obtained my Internship

I have been working at Kelly Green Lawn Care LLC since 2004 when the company first opened. I have always felt at home with the company so when I told my boss I needed to complete an internship for the College of Business, he created a position for me with more duties and responsibilities.

The decision was easy for me to make, Kelly Green Lawn Care LLC has always respected me as an employee and I didn’t want to pass the opportunity to “move up” in the company. When given the new position at Kelly Green Lawn Care LLC, I also thought I would be able to use the knowledge I have learned from my education to better the business.

My Duties and Responsibilities

When first discussing my new position with my boss, he asked me “What do you want to get out of this internship”? I told him I wanted to experience what it was like to run a small business, and I wanted some face-to-face interaction with customers.

A typical day for me starts at 6 A.M. when I arrive at our shop. I need to organize all of the crews with the proper equipment, and I also need to make a schedule for each crew to follow that day. After that is done, my boss and I will then meet with potential customers and give estimates and quotes. I end my day back at the shop going over what jobs crews completed during the day. I usually will leave the shop roughly around 4 P.M.

I also have some tasks that I do on a weekly and monthly basis that I need to find time in my schedule to do. Those things consist of balancing the company’s accounts and going over some of the companies goals with my boss. I’m also always on call throughout the work day to aid crews with any problems that present themselves such as equipment breaking, customer questions, or anything else that may present itself.

My Future

After I finish my schooling I’m going to look around for a job that best benefits my family and allows me to use my education to the fullest. I would love for Kelly Green Lawn Care LLC to offer me a job with roughly the same job description as I have now. If they don’t, I will continue to work with Kelly Green Lawn Care LLC until I find a job that benefits my family and I to the fullest.

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