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Internship Spotlight: Matt Dahm, Lapham-Hickey Steel

Matt Dahm, Marketing Major

Company Overview

Lapham-Hickey Steel owns and operates seven different locations around the United States. The branch I am currently interning at is located in Oshkosh. Our headquarters is located in the Chicago, IL. Lapham-Hickey Steel offers raw materials and/or value added services to the steel industry. Lapham-Hickey Steel has been family owned and operated for 85 years, and is ranked in the top 50 service centers in the United States.

My Role / Obtaining My Internship

I started my role as a Marketing and Inside Sales Intern at Lapham-Hickey Steel in May of 2012. I found out about this internship through the school’s website using TitanJobs. To be honest, I had never heard of the company before, but the description of the internship seemed to be just what I was looking for. So far I have done just about a little bit of everything. This includes B2B calling, creating flyers and ads, integrating the iPad into the office, organizing customer events, planning trade shows for our sales team, and  giving a presentation at a managers meeting . Personally, I believe this is the best internship I could have hoped for because I now know what field of marketing I want to go into.

Going Into the Internship

Going into my internship I was a little bit nervous because this was the first time I had a job in an office. After a few days in the office my nerves were settled, and I was able to use my marketing knowledge when completing my work. The classes that seem to be the most beneficial to me this far would have to be my marketing classes and QBA. I never thought I would be using the majority of my classes, which was a big eye opener. I find myself using bits and pieces of each class every day.

Internship Walk Through

I have found my internship to be more beneficial than any other part of the College of Business. I have connected with many people in the office, and already have a great relationship with them. There is only one other intern at Lapham-Hickey Steel, and I was actually friends with her before we started interning, which was a great bonus of the job. It is hard for me to describe a typical day on the job because there really isn’t one. Just about every day there are new tasks that are given to me. I love this because it keeps me thinking. It is not the same thing every day which to me would get boring really quickly. To me the most important thing I learned at my internship is that being able to work together in many cases is a great way to get things done. I cannot even count how many times working on projects as a team helped us get the work assigned to us done not only faster, but more efficiently and with a better turn out.

Internship Spotlight: Ashley Nealon, FreightConnections

Ashley Nealon Finance Major

How I obtained my position:

I am currently a Finance Intern at FreightConnections, Inc. in Menasha. I have also worked at Career Services for four semesters and obtained my job through our database, Titan Jobs. After submitting my resume and completing a job interview, I was offered to start the training process for my position.

Going into the internship:

An internship is not just a normal part-time job; it is the start to a professional career. I started this role in August, and was extremely nervous on my first day. I was afraid of being overwhelmed and lost when fulfilling my duties. But, my emotions were quickly calmed after meeting all of the welcoming people in the office and feeling comfortable right away.

Connecting with the other interns:

There are three other interns who work in the office from UWO. It is nice to be able to work and communicate with these other interns while we complete projects and tasks, keeping each other on the same page. Another Finance Intern and I are in a same class and choose to work together during our assigned group projects. Developing this relationship at work has positively affected my schoolwork as well.

My new feeling of Finance:

Starting my internship role, I always had a passion to go in to corporate finance. Projecting, budgeting, and analyzing data of a business have consistently been strengths of mine. By being exposed to FreightConnection’s five-year sales forecast, this has proven my projected career path of working in a corporate finance field.

What I wish I would have known:

My one piece of advice to College of Business students is to start looking for internships as early as possible. It is never too early to pursue any opportunity. Also, instead of focusing on getting an internship just to complete the college requirement, look for something that you will actually enjoy doing. It will only make the work and job as a whole more fulfilling. As I stated earlier, this position is essentially the start to a professional career.

Internship Spotlight: Zach Glynn, Element Mobile

Zach Glynn (Far Left), Marketing

Element Mobile: Overview and Background

Element Mobile is a new cell phone carrier as of 2011.  This company bought the small Wisconsin territory, which is based in central Wisconsin, from a company formally known as Alltel.  The company employs between 100-200 employees across central Wisconsin.  The company is locally managed but has national coverage.  Being local allows the company to become part of some great communities, while giving them the same national coverage other carriers can provide.

My Role

I am an intern in the marketing department with the Element Mobile SWAT Team.  There are four members on the team including myself.  We do a lot of tasks in the office, but also work in the community out of the office.  In the office, my tasks range compiling a competitive analysis, advertising searches, writing a blog for our website, social media, data entry; and that is just a start.  Out of the office Element Mobile is very involved in our community.  We sponsor many local events and sports teams.  For example, we sponsor 5K cancer walks, our local college wooden bat league team, etc.  At these events we do a range of tasks from collecting data, interviewing participants, or just promotionally being there.

My Advice

Network as much as you possibly can rather that’s through the College of Business at Oshkosh or through your own personal networks.  I started to look for my internship through Titan Jobs and I had a few bites, but when it came down to the internship I am currently in with Element Mobile I used my own network to find it.  It is never too early to start looking for an internship either.  Our college is huge and a lot of students are looking at the same time, so the earlier you get a start on it the better off you will be.

Internship Spotlight: Adam Schubert, First Source Worldwide

Adam Schubert, Accounting

A First Source Experience

                My name is Adam Schubert, an Accounting major at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  I plan on graduating after this upcoming spring semester in 2013.  I have completed much of my coursework required to obtain my degree with a few classes left for one final year of college!  I had still needed an internship though and was pretty stressed out about finding one.  And then I found an accounting internship with First Source Worldwide.

First Source Worldwide is a supplier that manufactures and distributes chemicals for other company’s needs.  Some of their clientele include Rawlings Sporting Goods, Hanes, and Fruit of the Loom.  Many of the chemicals they provide are pigments/colorants used in clothes that we wear every day.

I had stumbled across this internship by signing up for the email program offered through the Internship Program at UW-Oshkosh.  I received an email stating that interns were needed at this company and responded right away.  After completing an interview, FSW had contacted me and they offered me an internship.  I was able to start mid February 2012.

At first I was really nervous about this new endeavor.  I was unsure what to expect besides what they had told me during the interview where they gave me a vague list of responsibilities.  After about a week I realized what I had gotten myself into.  It seemed overwhelming at first but as time went on, I became very comfortable in my role at First Source Worldwide as an intern.

I have been able to incorporate a great deal of my previous coursework in this internship.  One of the courses that I have been able to apply the most is Bus 305 (Accounting Information Systems).  This class had taught me to use Peachtree which is very similar to QuickBooks.  I use this everyday when entering and approving bills.  Another course that I am using in my position at FSW is Quantitative Business Analysis (QBA).  I use Excel every single day and this class has helped me become efficient in using the program.

My main responsibilities on a daily basis consist of entering and approving bills for both U.S. and Mexico operations.  I also help occasionally with some costing projects in order to supply the business with information that helps them price their products competitively.  I also help out with the purchasing department when they need the additional support.  This has exposed me to various areas of the business giving me a fuller understanding of the business operates and a broader overall experience.

Although I have been exposed to various departments of the company, this exposure reassures me that I would like to stick with the accounting field.  I love everything about it and I continue to learn every day I’m at my internship.  I have recently been offered to continue this internship throughout the upcoming school year and I look forward to the additional experiences ahead of me.

Spotlight Internship: Eddie Dominguez, UW-Oshkosh

Eddie Dominguez, Information Systems



My name is Eddie Dominguez. I am an Information Systems major  and I work for the College of Business at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh as a Computer Programmer Intern. I am planning on graduating in December of 2013. The College of Business here has been around since 1965 and is one of the most respected colleges in the state and Midwest. They offer many advantages to help student establish a career for their future.


How I Obtained the Position

During the fall semester of 2011, I joined the Information Systems Club. There I met the president of the club who held the position that I would later apply to. As the year went on and when I was looking for internships, he told me that his position would be up for grabs because he was graduating this previous semester. I took it into consideration. Once it was posted on TitanJobs, I applied for it, had an interview and later received an email saying that I had received the job and could start as soon as possible.


My Roles and Responsibilities

As a computer programmer, I am not coding  all the time as people think. I manage several different systems for the College of Business that they use on their website. If something were needed to change or to be fixed with those systems, I would be the one to take care of it. Also, I am assigned projects throughout my time here. I am currently working on rebuilding the internship application system. It is the same one that students use to apply to the college in order to approve a student’s internship. I have also done smaller projects that involve creating application by coding.


My Future

I will continue to work at the University but it will be another 3 semesters before I graduate; I am in consideration of applying for another internship before I graduate. With an IS degree, there are so many different career opportunities out there: computer programmer, business or systems analyst, database administrator, network specialist, and more. I would like to have another internship to gain more knowledge on what is out there and what different organizations with their IT.


Internship Spotlight: Leah Watson, CARE

Leah Watson, CARE Intern, (Far Right)

CARE’s Background

 CARE is an organization dedicated to raising awareness of how to have healthy relationships in a college setting and beyond. This means educating students about what abuse looks like, counseling survivors of abuse and working towards the eradication of the culture which allows this abuse to flourish.

A SWOT analysis for CARE will not look like a traditional for-profit SWOT because it doesn’t exist to make a profit. The strengths of CARE include the passion of the people who work there. It is unlikely a person would choose to work in a counseling center or a relationship education center if he or she didn’t deeply care about social justice, and this holds true with the interns and employees there. Other strengths include a student body that is willing to listen, as shown by the high turnout rates at our events as compared to similar events on other UW campuses.

CARE’s biggest weakness as an organization is that it does not always know what to do with its momentum. While it can fill seats for an event, often students forget or are unaware in the first place that we exist because CARE doesn’t leverage success when it gets it.

The opportunities such an organization has are many, and revolve around the mission outlined above. It has the opportunity to change a society, starting with students here at UW-Oshkosh by educating them about healthy relationships.

The threats are more nebulous: with a mission statement as lofty as “changing society,” the people who benefit from society as it exists currently do not like to see such a thing happen. CARE itself can be threatened by a lack of funding, which is always a possibility when budgets are being cut for programs that seem unnecessary.

My Experience

Leah Watson, CARE Intern (Right)

 As one of two social media interns, my job is to keep the Facebook and Twitter pages updated with relevant posts about upcoming events and newsworthy happenings, such as Jaclyn Friedman coming to campus to speak. I also took the initiative to create a Tumblr page for CARE (at, which contains posts about healthy relationships, healthy sex and resources for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

This internship requires its interns to be very self-motivated; the vast majority of work takes place on your own time and will be either posted directly to one of CARE’s social media platforms, or submitted to your supervisor for perusal. A typical day for me involves trawling news websites for relevant events I can post about, reading a bit of one of the books our supervisor assigns us each week and planning for the final project, which involves tying in what I learned in my internship to my major.

Advice for Future Interns

Your boss is your best underutilized resource; don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you feel you’re under qualified, don’t! Your boss knew that he or she was hiring an intern and that many of your skills would come to you as a result of the internship.

If you have the chance, hold out for an internship that involves something you’re passionate about. The old saying “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is absolutely true. So if healthy relationships are important to you, why not stop by CARE?

Internship Spotlight: Julianna Race, Oshkosh Corporation

Julianna Race, Accounting Major

Company Overview: Oshkosh Corporation

Oshkosh Corporation is a manufacturing company which produces specialty vehicles.  The Defense segment produced military vehicles, Access Equipment produces various lifts and towing equipment, Fire & Emergency designs and builds fire and rescue vehicles, and Commercial manufactures mixers and refuse vehicles.  There are business units located in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

My Role in Corporate Finance

I work in the Corporate Finance Department of Oshkosh Corporation.  I have specific tasks that I am assigned to do at each month end close including bank reconciliations, keeping track of prepaid expenses, assisting with the compilation of the working papers, and more.  I also help with the preparation of the monthly reporting packages.

Quarter closes add additional responsibilities for me.  I am in charge of collecting all audit schedules for the company and verifying that the ledger balances match those on the schedule and that all the appropriate people have signed each schedule.  There are over 700 schedules that I need to keep track of, so it is important that I don’t misplace anything and that the books are set up in case auditors should need to review.

One of my other big responsibilities is completing Census Bureau Surveys.  There are numerous surveys that I get each month that need to be completed regarding various business units.  These can be a challenge at times because I need to reach out to people at the different business units to try to get information from them.  I like this aspect of it because it allows me to become more familiar with what each business unit actually does.

My job involves working with people in different areas of the accounting throughout the company.  I don’t have a set idea of what I want to do once I graduate, so this is a great opportunity for me.  I can talk to different people and see what their jobs actually involve, so I can get a better idea of what I may or may not want to do once I graduate.  It really is teaching me a lot.

For a while I wondered how much of the things that we learn in school really apply to what goes on in the real world.  This internship is really pulling concepts together that I may not have fully understood while going through classes.  Just recently in my Intermediate class we learned about Pension Expenses.  This idea was really solidified for me when I began working with the pension account at work.  The experience makes the concepts we learn more clear and clarifies why we do what we do.

My Advice

When I started in the COB, I dreaded the idea of the various networking events that were required of students.  I am not good at making small talk, and the thought of these events terrified me.  Last fall, I managed to make it through Networking Night and the Career Fair On the Fox, but didn’t make any lasting impressions on anyone.

Luckily, Dining with Professionals was a few weeks later.  I made sure to sit at the Oshkosh table where I was introduced to Tom Lyga.  We talked a little during the meal but again, I didn’t know what kind of impression I had made.  The following week, I attended an Accounting Club event which had Oshkosh as its presenter.  Tom was there again, and after the presentation was finished, I went up to thank him for attending the meeting.

I expressed my desire to work for Oshkosh and he told me to send him my resume and he would take a look.  I sent it to him that night, and the following week I had an interview with the company, and a few days after the interview I had a job.  I never realized how important networking was until that moment.  If it hadn’t been for the different events offered at the college, I know I wouldn’t be in the position I am today.

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