Internship Spotlight: James (Myles) Teteak, Regus

How I Obtained My Internship

I am currently a Marketing Intern for commercial real estate company, Regus. I actually got my internship with the company through personal networking while giving tours on campus. The Regional Vice President for Regus was on one of my tours and offered to give me a position at the end of the tour.

My internship originally took place in Chicago, and since I had never lived there it was very intimidating going into it. Not only was I going to work in a new city, it is also the third largest city in the country and I would be working right in the middle of downtown. However, I quickly learned my way around and figured out how to use the public transit (trains, buses, etc.).

Getting Started

Once I started getting into the swing of things within the company I did see several areas where I could apply UWO coursework. In fact, QBA was a very vital part of me being able to have success with Regus. After having success in my position this summer, largely because of the skills I learned in QBA, I emailed Dr. Miller to thank him and let him know that his class was a big part of my success.

Regus has not had much interjection of young ideas recently. So when I got there I was able to take a look at things and see some things very differently from the way they had been looked at for so long. I also got the chance to give my insight on certain things. For example, marketing has largely been a weakness of theirs for a while, I was able to come in and offer fresh ideas.

Why I Like it at Regus

The biggest thing I have done so far is I was able to take a large sample of the Chicago market for Regus and use that to create a full marketing plan. I first researched the major verticals, and how they were divided throughout the market. Then I researched local marketing opportunities for each of these verticals. Once I had the entire plan together I presented it to several people, including the Regional Vice President that hired me.

I have really enjoyed my internship so far, and learned a lot of different things within the organization and outside of the organization. The most important thing I have learned though, is how important networking truly can be. I had no clue when I started my tour that day that I was talking to the man that would give me my first full-time job.

Internship Spotlight: Eric Hetzel, Mercury Marine

Eric Hetzel, Supply Chain Analyst

Obtaining My Internship

I obtained my internship by attending the career fair provided by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  At first, I was not going to talk to Mercury, but I ended up doing it and I got a phone interview.  I missed the call on the phone interview, and I figured I didn’t have a chance at the internship.  Luckily for me, Mercury called again two days later and I did well enough on the phone interview to receive an actual interview at Mercury Marine.

When the e-mail came that delivered the information on the interview, I could not believe it, the interview was going to be four hours.  I had never done anything like that before in my life.  After doing the interview, and getting a call informing me that I had received an offer, I started my first day on May 29th.  I was very anxious about this internship.  I heard that Mercury was a place where they gave you a lot of responsibility, and expected good interns.  I knew that expectations were high and I was going to have to work extremely hard to impress.

What I Do On a Day to Day Basis

When I started at Mercury in late May, I began on the further process desk.  Further process means that we ship parts to another company who machine, paint, or process parts in to the form that is needed.  Then those parts are shipped back to us for use.  Part way through my internship they wanted a full time employee on this desk and co-ops to start using the mechanical desk.  The mechanical desk has the most parts by volume, but they are much smaller and cheaper parts. Every day I start by grabbing the daily reports that are distributed amongst the analysts and buyers within the purchasing department.  These reports are reviewed, and the system may be adjusted to keep the parts on track.  Often time’s phone calls and emails are necessary to contact the supplier and discuss the issues that are occurring.  Orders are then either moved in or out to adjust to the schedule.  Most suppliers are incredibly helpful, and that is nice to have.  The thing that I like most about the job is the random situations that occur.  Rarely are two situations the same, so many variables can occur at any time.  This makes the job intense but interesting.


The main challenges that I face are dealing with stock losses and suppliers who are past due on their shipments.  Stock losses can occur at any time and when they do, you must contact the supplier and try to work magic to bring in enough parts to ensure that the line does not go down.  Past due suppliers are more frustrating then anything.  To get them caught up, you have to remind them of the consequences for shutting a line down.

What I have Learned 

Passing the halfway point in this internship, I have realized that this internship was everything that I could have asked for in terms of experience and enjoyment.  I feel that I am prepared for any job within this field of study because of Mercury’s demand.  The demand can vary so much here, which causes havoc within this job.  If I can handle the fluctuating demand from here, I feel that I can handle anything else as an analyst.

Internship Spotlight: Panda Lee, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh- Office of Equity and Affirmative Action

Panda Lee, Human Resources

Company Overview

I am currently an HR intern at the Office of Equity and Affirmative Action at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  The main goal of the office is to ensure that all members of the University are able to pursue their academics and obtain and maintain employment without having to encounter any type of discrimination.  The office also focuses on eliminating under utilization of and increasing opportunities for women and minorities.

How did I obtain my internship and when did I start

I was able to obtain this internship position through Titan Jobs.  The position appealed to me because it wasn’t a regular Human Resources Intern, I would be able to learn about a different aspect of Human Resources that not many would have the opportunity to experience.  After submitting my résumé and completing an interview, I started interning at the office during the second week of September 2012.

Highlights So Far

So far, I have had the opportunity to attend several office sponsored training sessions.  It has been interesting to see how these training sessions are conducted and how those attending the sessions respond to the training.  I have also been assigned several projects, one being researching consensual relationship policies at Universities.  I am looking forward to having the opportunity to learn more about how policies are written and approved.

My Advice

I would advise other students to start looking for an internship as early as possible.  Taking advantage of every opportunity will help you to gain as much experience as you can.  This can help you to stay competitive and make you stand out as a candidate for other positions you apply for in the future.

Internship Spotlight: Nick Lodl, Oshkosh Defense

Nick Lodl, Supply Chain Management

The Beginning

My journey to becoming an intern started with the job fair. I was new to the business world and I knew that I was good at networking, so I thought I would start there. I talked to a few companies, many of which did not interest me, until I spoke with the recruiters at Oshkosh Defense.

Oshkosh Defense seemed like an interesting place to work, and I thought an internship with the company would bode well for me in the future. It was spring semester and I knew that it would be a long shot, but I applied anyway. Months went by before I heard anything, then all of a sudden I received a phone call asking for an interview. I took the interview and was hired as a Team Coordinator Co-Op.

I was extremely nervous because my experience in the business world was vastly limited, and I was not confident that I was qualified for this position. However, I went for it and it has been the best decision of my life.

Day in the Life of a Co-Op

As a Team Coordinator it is my job to oversee production. We achieve success and continuous improvement by leading with Safety, Quality, and Work Place Organization. Each day is a new challenge with Oshkosh Defense. I get a lot of good exposure to many facets of the manufacturing world. Be it Quality, Safety, Production, Operations, Operations Finance, and Engineering; needless to say I wear a lot of “hats.”

What I have Learned

During my time at Oshkosh Corporation, I have found that if you can think critically, make sound decisions, work hard, and speak intelligently, you will be successful in any internship you choose to pursue. Class work is important. It is important to understand the fundamentals of cost and the concepts associated with many of the business classes. However, what you learn in your internship can never be taught in a classroom. It is important to embrace the internship experience and learn everything you can from as many people as you can.

Internship Spotlight: Chao Lee, Voith Paper, Inc.

Chao Lee, Accounting Major


I am currently interning at Voith Paper, Inc. located in Appleton as an accounting intern. Voith Paper is a family-owned manufacturing company founded in 1867 with approximately 40,000 employees in 280 locations worldwide. To this day, it is still a family-owned company and one of the largest, directed by a management-holding from its headquarters in Heidenheim, Germany. The company consists of four main commercial sectors: Voith Paper, Voith Hydro, Voith Turbo, and Voith Industrial Services.

How did I obtain my internship? Resources I used?

I learned of this internship through our very own internship director, Jessie Pondell. As I was in the middle of applying and interviewing with different companies, Jessie emailed me about this opportunity and I applied for it through Titan Jobs. I was contacted by phone to go in for an on-site interview where I met and interviewed with the tax department team. About a week later, I was offered the position and started in June 2012.

What feelings did I have going into the internship?

Like many students, I was very nervous for many reasons. First of all, this was a full-time co-op dealing with high-level accounting and tax work, and on top of that, this was my first internship, so I didn’t know what to expect. I haven’t gotten very far in my education yet and I especially haven’t taken a tax course so I was afraid I didn’t have all the necessary technical skills. But on the flip side, I was also very grateful and excited going into this internship. I cared a lot about my accounting classes and work; therefore, I couldn’t wait to get hands-on experience in the field!

What are some of my favorite projects?

The quarterly tax installments and year-end tax provisions and extensions are a lot of fun. Not only am I learning a lot about the book-to-tax process and all the tax principles and regulations that come with it, but I am also challenged and kept busy with these projects. Another project I enjoyed includes the Process Documentation project that is new this season. Documenting each tax process from beginning to end has helped me see the department’s projects and tasks in a larger picture, enabling me to easily understand how and why they do it.

My Future

I am very content in my major selection thanks to Voith. My real-world experience in the accounting field reaffirms me that accounting work involves all the things I enjoy doing. I plan to intern more throughout my remaining time at UWO and hopefully end up with the perfect career after graduation. My ability to take on work and problem-solve through the challenging responsibilities at this organization has given me the confidence and skill sets to do anything. Nothing’s impossible.

Internship Spotlight: Brittany Lulich, Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh

Obtaining My Internship

I started working in the dietary department at Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh in October of 2010.  After working in dietary for almost two years, I decided to contact the Human Resources department to ask if they had any interest in having an intern.  I met with two of the managers and they offered to set something up for me to intern in their department.  I was extremely excited to gain experience to prepare for my future career.  I started interning in the Human Resources department at Lutheran Homes in late July of 2012, so as of now I have been there for 3 months.  Going into the internship I was nervous because I did not have any experience in a professional office setting, but the nerves were offset by my excitement to start the experience.

Challenges, Value, and Major

I have been able to incorporate my course work into my internship experience in different ways.  I use experience from the Professional Skills course while interacting with professionals in the office, as well as at meetings and meeting with potential candidates.  My Human Resources classes have provided me with materials I use for discussions with my supervisors regarding all aspects of the job.  Challenges I had to overcome involve my ability to choose proper applicants through résumé selection, but my supervisor is always very supportive of me and willing to discuss any questions or concerns I may have.  I feel very confident in my major selection while experiencing life as an intern.  I enjoy the amount of structure involved in the average Human Resources job as well as the heavy interaction with people.  I am very much a people person.

Internship Experience

The one thing I wish I would have known before my internship is the amount of technical knowledge on the subject.   I began interning before enrolling in my major courses, which I am now able to use and apply to situations at work that expand my knowledge. Some of my favorite projects within the office involve résumé selection, conducting interviews, and entering information into the computer regarding workman’s compensation claims and conducting background checks on new hires. The most important thing I have learned so far while working at my internship is acquiring basic knowledge in Human Resources.  I enjoy the real-life aspect of interning, not just textbooks and lecture from classes.  I am very  thankful for this amazing opportunity.

Internship Spotlight: Michelle Murray, Accounting and Finance Major

Michelle Murray, Accounting and Finance Major

How I Obtained My Internship

Each year the athletic department looks for athletes to work as interns. My supervisor asked the coaches for candidates and my coach referred me. As a student athlete, this internship has tied my extra-curricular with work experience. In my internship, I am exposed to the background work of the department which is much different from what I initially thought from a student athlete perspective. There are many interactions with people even with a job like social media where the results are only seen online. I’ve had the opportunity to do anything from shoot videos, facilitate halftime activities and other events throughout competitions, and monitor the online traffic to our sites and quantify it.

What I do In My Internship

As a social media intern, I am responsible for posting information related to the athletic department and UWO online. There are a number of resources such as Twitter, Facebook, and Hootsuite that I use to carry out my responsibilities. Being someone who is familiar with and uses these online mediums already, allows me to be more successful. The older generations in the department appreciate having an intern that is more connected to this new technology to be able to do this type of work.

What I Learned

The most important thing I learned at my internship is whether you are speaking to your boss or an audience of hundreds of people over the internet, it is critical that you can communicate clearly and effectively.

Internship Spotlight: Maribeth Schneider,Jorgenson Accounting and Tax Services

Maribeth Schneider, Accounting and Human Resources

Company Overview

Jorgenson Accounting and Tax Services is located in Waupaca, Wisconsin. It is an S Corporation that has been in business for 11 years. More than 50% of the business handles tax services, as well as other services that include payroll, sales tax, and general ledger.


How I Obtained my Internship

I used a personal network to find my internship. I was casually talking to my dad’s accountant about school and how I also needed to find an internship when she suggested interning with her. Being able to find an internship with Jorgenson Accounting and Tax Services was a great relief for me because it is in the same city as where I live. As a commuter student, this took off the stress of having to manage any additional traveling for school and work.


Incorporated Coursework

Any job assignments that I have been given, I can relate to my current and past coursework. When I am reviewing or entering general ledgers for clients, I am able to identify what transactions belong in the different accounts from Intermediate Accounting. I was first introduced to Quickbooks in Accounting Information Systems, which is the system I now use at my internship. The most relevant area includes tax questions from clients, which are practically the same applications drawn from my tax class. It is a reassuring experience to be able to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply it in a workplace setting.


My Future

My supervisor is very encouraging to me about the future. We have already discussed the possibility of me staying at Jorgenson Accounting and Tax Services after my semester has ended. Along with promoting a continued job position, she has stressed the importance of taking the CPA exam. This has always been the goal for me from the start. After going to school and working with accounting, I am positive that this is the right career path for me. I am excited to finish my internship with the prospect of continuing working where I am, as well as graduating in May and continuing with my goals and career.

Internship Spotlight: Brett Spangle, Miller Electric

Company Overview

Miller Electric is the world’s leading arc welding manufacturer. Starting back in 1929 as a one-man operation, Miller has grown into a global business, and employs close to 1,500 workers. Headquarters are located in Appleton, Wisconsin, which is where I started my internship eight months ago.

My Role

My frequent responsibilities involve purchasing raw materials, receiving raw materials, and sending out RFQ’s to potential suppliers. A larger project I worked on involved a four-month analysis on lost revenue and wasted costs from our paint line troubles and supplier paint problems. My spreadsheets and information gathered was used in an across the country meeting with our supplier’s board members.


The biggest challenge with my internship is only working three days a week. I receive emails and phone calls from suppliers everyday. If it is a question that seeks immediate attention, they may have to wait a day to be assisted. This also tends to back up my workload. However, my supervisor is very understanding about reasonable time frames for projects.

My Experience

The very first aspect at Miller Electric that I noticed was its environment. Everyone is very caring and fun to work with. They are very helpful and I have learned so much from this experience. Not only has this internship helped with my understanding of the way a large business functions, it has also taught me how to present myself in a professional manner.

Internship Spotlight: Ashley Nealon, FreightConnections

Ashley Nealon Finance Major

How I obtained my position:

I am currently a Finance Intern at FreightConnections, Inc. in Menasha. I have also worked at Career Services for four semesters and obtained my job through our database, Titan Jobs. After submitting my resume and completing a job interview, I was offered to start the training process for my position.

Going into the internship:

An internship is not just a normal part-time job; it is the start to a professional career. I started this role in August, and was extremely nervous on my first day. I was afraid of being overwhelmed and lost when fulfilling my duties. But, my emotions were quickly calmed after meeting all of the welcoming people in the office and feeling comfortable right away.

Connecting with the other interns:

There are three other interns who work in the office from UWO. It is nice to be able to work and communicate with these other interns while we complete projects and tasks, keeping each other on the same page. Another Finance Intern and I are in a same class and choose to work together during our assigned group projects. Developing this relationship at work has positively affected my schoolwork as well.

My new feeling of Finance:

Starting my internship role, I always had a passion to go in to corporate finance. Projecting, budgeting, and analyzing data of a business have consistently been strengths of mine. By being exposed to FreightConnection’s five-year sales forecast, this has proven my projected career path of working in a corporate finance field.

What I wish I would have known:

My one piece of advice to College of Business students is to start looking for internships as early as possible. It is never too early to pursue any opportunity. Also, instead of focusing on getting an internship just to complete the college requirement, look for something that you will actually enjoy doing. It will only make the work and job as a whole more fulfilling. As I stated earlier, this position is essentially the start to a professional career.



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