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Internship Spotlight: Jessica Miller, Pinnacle Machine LLC


Jessica Miller, Human Resource Major

Jessica Miller, Human Resource Major


Company Overview

Currently I am a proud intern at Pinnacle Machine LLC located in Appleton Wisconsin. I work as a Human Resource Manager. This consists of aiding employees with any needs they may have from benefits to scheduling conflicts, designing and implementing recruitment and evaluation processes, modifying the handbook, and overall helping in the development of a Human Resource department for the first time.

Pinnacle Machine began production in 1993 as a small three man shop, including owner Don Miller. Since that time they have grown steadily into a forty-five plus employee operation. Pinnacle Machine specializes in using exotic materials in the engineering, designing and creating of various metal products; a major market being tha

t of hydro plants. Thirty machines varying from mills to lathes to CNCs produce products such as pumps, casings, shafts, and impellers. Pinnacle Machines products may be found around the local Fox Valley area, throughout the United States, and in a few other countries. Pinnacle Machine continues to become a key player in the machining industry and has recently began the acquisition of another plant which will double the size of the organization.


Obtaining my internship

Previous to being offered the internship at Pinnacle Machine I had worked as an employee for five years doing basic reception work. In that time I developed strong relationships with my supervisors and co-workers, making them aware of my studies and progress throughout my college career. I had discussed with the owner, of whom I often did secretary work for, about the benefits of developing a Human Resource department, especially given the growth planned for the near future. Shortly thereafter I was called into a private meeting with him and two of my other supervisors. At first, I was nervous that I overstepped my boundaries suggesting such a change as a whole additional department; after all I was there to answer phones, not give advice to a man who built a company from scratch before I was even walking. My fears subsided when upon walking into the room he smiled and asked if I was up for a challenge, knowing I was looking for an internship for school; he offered me the opportunity to head in the development of the beginning of a Human Resource department, given I could demonstrate it was beneficial. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity as I was already a member of the Pinnacle team and culture, and shortly after began the development of the department to the best of my ability; with him and other management mentoring and supporting my knowledge on the subject.


What I learned

I am forever grateful for the opportunity given to me by Pinnacle Machine and its management team, as it has taught me so much about myself, my career choice, and what I can expect as a business professional. I have learned that I can be confident in the education I am receiving as it truly does assist in my daily duties. I have also learned that if I truly am passionate about something and have the motivation I do have the ability to get programs implemented and make a huge difference in the organization as a whole. Perhaps the most important thing about myself that I have learned is that I am now viewed as a professional and can be proud of that. My internship additionally has made me confident in my choice of major and ultimately career. I actually enjoy getting up in the morning, going to work and feeling like I made the workplace a better place that day, or the company a little more efficient. Lastly, I have had the first opportunity to sit in with many of the management team and owners to get an idea of what a life as a business professional entails; things that you cannot read in books.

Inevitably, I also learned and developed many of the skills desirable in a Human Resource position. I was given the opportunity and resources to try new things and the support to implement many of my ideas. This gave me daily practice of a HR professional, only strengthening my experience.

The internship at Pinnacle Machine has been one of the most rewarding adventures of my college career. I was able to be part of a company that let me put all that I was learning in the class room to action and trusted in my education. This gave me the opportunity for hands on experience at both failure and success in an active work environment; allowing me to grow wiser on the subject. Upon completion on the internship at Pinnacle I am hoping to secure a full time position.

Internship Spotlight: Sarah Benben, Bemis Company

Sarah Benben, HR Major


I am majoring in Human Resource Management with an emphasis in Legal Studies, and I am currently interning with Bemis Company in the Curwood Division.  Bemis Company is a Fortune 500 company that specializes in flexible packaging used by leading food, consumer products, and medical and pharmaceutical companies throughout the world.  Bemis Company has about 78 facilities located in 12 countries with more than 20,000 employees worldwide.

How I Obtained My Internship

Last October, I began applying for HR internships throughout the Fox Valley, and I used Titan Jobs as my primary source.  One of the HR internships I found was with Bemis Company, in which I sent in my resume and cover letter to apply for the position.

A few weeks later, I had my mock interview as part of the requirement for the UWO Professional Skills class.  I ended up being placed with Bemis Company, and the interviewer recognized my name from the application I sent in a few weeks prior.  The interview went very well, and he gave me several good pointers.

Approximately a week later, I was called in for an on-site interview for the HR internship position with Bemis Company.  I interviewed with the same person for the mock interview and for three others.  I made sure to make the changes that I was given during the mock interview.  This really made me stand out, because Bemis could see that I was able to take criticism and improve on it.

What I do in My Internship

I began working for Bemis Company in March 2012 in the Corporate Talent Acquisition department in Neenah, WI.   In this position, I worked with other recruiters to fill positions ranging from coordinators to senior specialists to managers, in a variety of departments across the United States.

In mid-September, I was given the option to stay with the Corporate Talent Acquisition team or to transfer to a Bemis divisional plant to see a whole new side of HR.  I chose to make the transfer and am now working in New London, WI.

In New London, there are three plants with about 600 union employees.  I work with three other HR employees to support these plants.  My duties range from hiring, conducting testing, benefits entering, tracking affirmative action, updating job descriptions, data audits, going out on the plant floor daily to handle different HR tasks, and much more.

What I learned

I was amazed how different the plant work life is from the corporate work life.  Corporate has many practices in place and there are no ways around them.  Things tend to drag out and can sometimes never be wrapped up.  The plant life is very fast paced and things change very quickly, which means the employees must change gears quickly too.  It is interesting to see how the plants change what corporate gives them to make it work for the plant.

Internship Spotlight: Panda Lee, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh- Office of Equity and Affirmative Action

Panda Lee, Human Resources

Company Overview

I am currently an HR intern at the Office of Equity and Affirmative Action at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  The main goal of the office is to ensure that all members of the University are able to pursue their academics and obtain and maintain employment without having to encounter any type of discrimination.  The office also focuses on eliminating under utilization of and increasing opportunities for women and minorities.

How did I obtain my internship and when did I start

I was able to obtain this internship position through Titan Jobs.  The position appealed to me because it wasn’t a regular Human Resources Intern, I would be able to learn about a different aspect of Human Resources that not many would have the opportunity to experience.  After submitting my résumé and completing an interview, I started interning at the office during the second week of September 2012.

Highlights So Far

So far, I have had the opportunity to attend several office sponsored training sessions.  It has been interesting to see how these training sessions are conducted and how those attending the sessions respond to the training.  I have also been assigned several projects, one being researching consensual relationship policies at Universities.  I am looking forward to having the opportunity to learn more about how policies are written and approved.

My Advice

I would advise other students to start looking for an internship as early as possible.  Taking advantage of every opportunity will help you to gain as much experience as you can.  This can help you to stay competitive and make you stand out as a candidate for other positions you apply for in the future.

Internship Spotlight: Brittany Lulich, Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh

Obtaining My Internship

I started working in the dietary department at Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh in October of 2010.  After working in dietary for almost two years, I decided to contact the Human Resources department to ask if they had any interest in having an intern.  I met with two of the managers and they offered to set something up for me to intern in their department.  I was extremely excited to gain experience to prepare for my future career.  I started interning in the Human Resources department at Lutheran Homes in late July of 2012, so as of now I have been there for 3 months.  Going into the internship I was nervous because I did not have any experience in a professional office setting, but the nerves were offset by my excitement to start the experience.

Challenges, Value, and Major

I have been able to incorporate my course work into my internship experience in different ways.  I use experience from the Professional Skills course while interacting with professionals in the office, as well as at meetings and meeting with potential candidates.  My Human Resources classes have provided me with materials I use for discussions with my supervisors regarding all aspects of the job.  Challenges I had to overcome involve my ability to choose proper applicants through résumé selection, but my supervisor is always very supportive of me and willing to discuss any questions or concerns I may have.  I feel very confident in my major selection while experiencing life as an intern.  I enjoy the amount of structure involved in the average Human Resources job as well as the heavy interaction with people.  I am very much a people person.

Internship Experience

The one thing I wish I would have known before my internship is the amount of technical knowledge on the subject.   I began interning before enrolling in my major courses, which I am now able to use and apply to situations at work that expand my knowledge. Some of my favorite projects within the office involve résumé selection, conducting interviews, and entering information into the computer regarding workman’s compensation claims and conducting background checks on new hires. The most important thing I have learned so far while working at my internship is acquiring basic knowledge in Human Resources.  I enjoy the real-life aspect of interning, not just textbooks and lecture from classes.  I am very  thankful for this amazing opportunity.

Internship Spotlight: Maribeth Schneider,Jorgenson Accounting and Tax Services

Maribeth Schneider, Accounting and Human Resources

Company Overview

Jorgenson Accounting and Tax Services is located in Waupaca, Wisconsin. It is an S Corporation that has been in business for 11 years. More than 50% of the business handles tax services, as well as other services that include payroll, sales tax, and general ledger.


How I Obtained my Internship

I used a personal network to find my internship. I was casually talking to my dad’s accountant about school and how I also needed to find an internship when she suggested interning with her. Being able to find an internship with Jorgenson Accounting and Tax Services was a great relief for me because it is in the same city as where I live. As a commuter student, this took off the stress of having to manage any additional traveling for school and work.


Incorporated Coursework

Any job assignments that I have been given, I can relate to my current and past coursework. When I am reviewing or entering general ledgers for clients, I am able to identify what transactions belong in the different accounts from Intermediate Accounting. I was first introduced to Quickbooks in Accounting Information Systems, which is the system I now use at my internship. The most relevant area includes tax questions from clients, which are practically the same applications drawn from my tax class. It is a reassuring experience to be able to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply it in a workplace setting.


My Future

My supervisor is very encouraging to me about the future. We have already discussed the possibility of me staying at Jorgenson Accounting and Tax Services after my semester has ended. Along with promoting a continued job position, she has stressed the importance of taking the CPA exam. This has always been the goal for me from the start. After going to school and working with accounting, I am positive that this is the right career path for me. I am excited to finish my internship with the prospect of continuing working where I am, as well as graduating in May and continuing with my goals and career.

Internship Spotlight: Kelsey Waldschmidt, Pierce Manufacturing

Kelsey Waldschmidt, HR Major, Pierce Manufacturing

Company Overview

Pierce Manufacturing, Inc. located in Appleton, Wisconsin manufacturers custom fire trucks. They have thousands of options available for their tanker, rescue, and aerial trucks. In 1996, Pierce was acquired by Oshkosh Corporation. This was the first acquisition for Oshkosh Corporation, which has since acquired several other companies and is now known for building specialty trucks for defense, concrete placement, refuse hauling, access equipment, and fire and emergency.

How did I obtain my internship and when did I start?

I started in mid-September 2012 as the Human Resources Intern. I used the school’s resources and I found the job posting on TitanJobs under the internship section. The posting intrigued me because Pierce is a part of Oshkosh Corporation and has a great reputation for their great internship program.

What feelings did you have going into my internship?

This is my second internship that I have had, so I feel that some of my expectations have changed since after my first internship. I was an HR intern at Magnum Power Products, LLC and I was much more nervous and didn’t know what to expect for that internship. I feel that it has changed since working there and starting at Pierce because I have had more experience.

I was still nervous starting at Pierce and didn’t know exactly what to expect. However, since starting there, the HR department was really welcoming of me and already have many different projects and experiences planned for me over the course of this school next year. I have expectations to learn a lot this year and apply them to Human Resources in the future.

My Advice

Start looking early. We all know, the College of Business requires an internship to graduate. I first started looking for my first internship at the beginning of the year in January. Once I obtained my internship in late February, I was relieved —to say the least.

I pretty much stumbled into the one at Pierce, but am very grateful that I have the opportunity. From when I starting going to UW Oshkosh and deciding on Human Resources, I knew my goal was to get two internships to get the most experience in the workplace. I am very glad I starting looking when I did and help obtain my goal of working in two different internships.

Apply no matter what. It doesn’t hurt to apply for an internship. Getting your name and information out there isn’t allows a bad thing. You may not think you have a chance of getting the internship, but if you don’t try you are never going to get it. Stay positive throughout the whole process; it is very competitive and you need to stay positive no matter what.

Internship Spotlight: Samantha Buschman, Clarity Care, Inc.

Samantha Buschman, Human Resources Major

Clarity Care, Inc. History

Clarity Care, Inc. was founded by two mothers in 1972. These mothers were worried about what was going to happen to their children who had developmental disabilities after they passed away. They then created a group called Residential Care for Developmentally Disabled which became Clarity Care in 2003. Clarity Care is now a non-profit organization that serves a large part of Northern Wisconsin.

Clarity Care has two sectors of their business: Residential and Home Health. The home healthcare services allow employees to serve clients inside of their home with their daily needs.  They make sure that all of the clients are getting the care that they need in their daily lives and activities.

The second sector of business, residential services, is more of a group home setting. There are group homes in 6 different counties. The residents that typically live in these homes are no longer to care for themselves. They are taken care of at all hours of the day, every day.

My Experience with Clarity Care

I help out with the rest of the Human Resource Management team with a number of things. So far, I have helped with interviews, application tracking, managing the company website and intranet, attended job fairs, held meetings regarding the employee wellness group, and several other HR functions.

I still have a few things left to learn, mainly regarding FMLA and Employee Benefits. I have a few more months left at Clarity Care and hope to gain all the relevant knowledge I need to be a successful HR employee.

There are 4 other interns at Clarity Care with me right now. All of us are rotating positions throughout our internship, learning the different functions of HR. It’s helpful that there are other people around that are in the same position that I am. It makes it easier to ask questions and feel more at ease whenever I’m confused on something that I am working on.

I am very glad that I am interning at Clarity Care. I think that it has taught me a lot so far in the HR field that classes couldn’t teach me on their own. The “on hands” experience has given me a different aspect of what field I am going into and I am now more excited to start my career as a HR professional.

Internship Spotlight: Michelle Farr, Business Success Center

Michelle Farr, Human Resource Major, Business Success Center Intern


Company Overview: Business Success Center

The Business Success Center has three main services, consulting, training and development, and our internship program.  The consulting and training and development are staff and faculty projects.  They try to incorporate interns into the bigger projects for them to receive experience.  For the Intern Program, we interview students that are interested in finding an internship.  We interview for all different majors in all of the  different colleges on campus. We currently have between 80 to 100 interns throughout the Fox Valley Area interning at numerous companies.

My Role as the Human Resource Intern

I began my internship in March 2011. I originally started at the Business Success Center in their Survey Center and I was offered this position once it opened up. I enjoy this position because I get to coordinate the recruitment and selection processes by reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. I also continuously improve our student training manual, update job descriptions and monitor our Human Resource Information System database.

Major Project

I have had the awesome opportunity to co-manage a major project with Jewelers Mutual. I interviewed about 40 students and selected the top 20 for data entry assignments. I have coordinated the scheduling; done documentation of hours logged, and put together policies for the students to follow. As a co-manager I am one of the primary liaisons for the students if they have any questions, concerns or needs additional training.

Career Path

Through this experience I have grown as an individual and became more confident in myself. With the opportunities given to me I have met many memorable people and friends, gained valuable lessons, positively affected numerous individuals’ lives, as well as my own.

Each opportunity that I take teaches me how to communicate better with others, become a better leader, and help others as well as myself. After receiving this internship I am interested in starting my career as a recruiter and moving into a generalist position.

Internship Spotlight: Amber Baugnet, Oshkosh Corporation

Amber Baugnet, Human Resources Major, Oshkosh Corp Intern

Company Overview: Oshkosh Corporation

Oshkosh Corporation was founded in 1917 as the Wisconsin Duplex Auto Company.  The first truck ever produced was a four-wheel-drive truck, which is today known as “Old Betsy.”  The company has gone through several name changes, but is named as it is today to better reflect Oshkosh’s diverse product lines.

Oshkosh Corporation consists of four different segments: Defense, Fire & Emergency, Access, and Commercial.  These segments produce high quality access equipment, truck bodies, and specialty vehicles.  Within these segments are popular brands such as Oshkosh Defense, JLG, Pierce Manufacturing, and McNeilus.

My Role in the HRMS Department

I began my internship in February 2011, and have loved it ever since.  In my job, I help support the HR management system which was recently implemented throughout the entire company.  I am responsible for carrying out support tasks for the system, creating reports that will be used to track recruiting and compliance metrics, and helping to build our new management system to how our end users want it to be.

Over the summer I was able to take the lead in implementing the performance and goal management module for one of our business units.  I was also heavily involved in implementing the recruiting module, which allows recruiters to create jobs, post them internally and externally, and track candidates in an efficient way.

Challenges I’ve Overcome

A few months into my internship, the person who I consider to be my mentor decided to leave the company.  I looked up to this person for advice and she is the one who I would always go to with questions.  This was a huge challenge because she is who I worked most directly with.  I decided I could either let this be hurt me or I could take on the challenge and learn from it.  And, that is exactly what I did.  I am almost thankful for this unexpected challenge because I think I have learned so much more by trial and error and doing my own research than if my mentor would have been there.  I became independent and confident in my work and I learned from any mistakes I made along the way.

Connecting With Other Interns

A Group of Oshkosh Corporation Interns

A Group of Oshkosh Corporation Interns

Oshkosh Corporation offers an amazing internship program that allows all interns to interact through various events such as professional skills programs, a dinner with the CEO, picnics, and other fun activities.  In my experience so far, I was able to help plan the dinner with the CEO, I played in a summer volleyball league, ran a 4.5 mile mud run, and attend every professional skills event that they offered.  These events helped me meet and interact with interns that I don’t get to see on a daily basis.


If there is any advice I can give to a student going into an internship, it is to never give up no matter what challenges you are facing.  I didn’t get this job on my first or even second try, but I also didn’t give up.  Staying positive is key to success.

Internship Spotlight: Katie Sweeney, 4imprint

Katie Sweeney, Human Resources Major

My Internship Search

I had been waiting to look for an internship until I knew I would have enough time to have an internship as well as manage schoolwork and an executive board position on UWO Society of Human Resource Management.  I heard about 4imprint’s Human Resource internship through SHRM’s mailing list as well as the then current intern who was a friend through SHRM. I was in a good position to start my search and thought this would be a perfect place to start.

If you are wondering what kind of company 4imprint, Inc. is, it is a promotional items company that is located in downtown Oshkosh. It offers thousands of products for companies and individuals to have their logos or names placed on the item. They offer low prices and an educated and friendly staff.

How I Knew it Would be a Good Fit

I started my internship in January of 2011 and will be there until I graduate in May 2012. I knew when I started that it would be a great internship from stories I heard from the previous intern. I also knew that is was a great place to work because of all the awesome perks they offer their employees and the fact it was voted best medium size company to work for three years in a row (since this year it is now four).

During the orientation process, they emphasized customer service to our external and our internal customers and this shows through the compassionate and kind employees at 4imprint who treat everyone with respect. 4imprint also makes sure each employee is recognized for their hard work.

Experiences During My Internship

I have been at my internship now for about ten months and I have been given some great opportunities to use what I have learned in classes and apply it to my tasks. I have done a lot of work in recruiting. This involves reviewing applications, phone interviews, and also administrating tests that are involved in the interview process. I have also been to several job fairs. Recruiting is something I really love to do because you get to interact with many different types of people. It also gives me the chance to not only know my position but also the positions within the company that I am recruiting for.

Another area that I have been trying to learn more about is benefits side of HR. 4imprint strives to make sure employees have a wonderful work life balance and our benefits truly give employees that opportunity. I love learning about the benefits that keep our employees happy and engaged at work. I also love taking what I learned in my benefits about the different laws associated with benefits and seeing real life examples.

4imprint also gives me so many opportunities to learn. I love going to seminars and learning about how to motivate your workforce, conflict resolution, etc. I also love learning about the different laws and what changes we have to incorporate to our systems in order to comply with the laws.

What 4imprint Has Given Me

I believe all my experiences at 4imprint have prepared me to take on a full time position once I graduate. I never thought I would be getting so much out of an internship. I have gained so much experience and knowledge that it has given me a sense of confidence I was not sure I would have when looking for a full time position. My internship has prepared for the real world and has shown me what kind of company I want to work for in the future.

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