Musée du Louvre

Katie Kryzaniak
Monday, June 2, 2014

We started our day by meeting Fatima in the lobby of our hotel. We walked to the metro station and took the metro to Sofitel Paris La Defense, a five star hotel located in the business district. The hotel had a modern design, but still felt cozy. This was one of the main goals in designing the hotel. We were able to tour some of the rooms in the hotel and talked about the business aspect with our guide. Our guide was the director of sales. The hotel is considered to be the largest hotel company in the world and has a variety of well known hotels within its brand. They vary from economy to luxury. The hotel we are staying at, Ibis, is a part of this particular brand. They have locations all over the world and have 8 locations in the United States.


The hotel consists of 151 rooms and 16 suites.Their luxury room is 28 square meters, which is large considering most hotel rooms are small in Paris. We toured this room and  had a chance to talk about rates for each type of room. The nightly rate starts at 180 euros for a basic room. Generally, the range in rate depends on the day of the week. The junior suite is similar to the luxury, but has a sitting area. The nightly rate is between 270-350 euros. The hotel also offers meeting rooms to utilize as well. The rate is 100-150 euros per person, per day. Our guide said they have 80% occupancy throughout the year. They are satisfied that they can maintain the 80% each year.


After the hotel tour, we walked through the business district to catch the metro to go back to the hotel and grab lunch. While walking, it was interesting to see modern business structures within Paris. Many of the building were not just square boxes, but they were strategically designed with beautiful architecture.



Once we finished lunch, we made our way back to the metro station and took the metro to the Louvre. Everyone was excited to see the Mona Lisa and other one-of-a-kind art pieces. The Louvre was very crowded. Some of the major art pieces were surrounded by tourists from all over the world, including kids in school groups. The Mona Lisa was the most popular area. The room it was kept in was packed full with people. Our large group split up because it was easier to travel around the museum. The Louvre was also very hot. This was surprising because it was not hot outside.


After the Louvre, we had some free time to see the city and have dinner. A small group went to Montmartre again to visit shops and look at some art by local artists. Another group went to see the Eiffel Tower later at night to enjoy the lights.

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