La Tour Eiffel

Eddie Dominguez
Sunday, June 1, 2014

After our tour of the beautiful Montmartre hill, our group ended up splitting up for lunch and shopping. We met up to go to the Eiffel Tower to take on the adventure of heading to the tip top of the tallest structure in France and one of the most iconic gems of the world. The tower stands at 1,036 feet high, which is equivalent to an 81 story building. Some group members decided to walk to the second level and then take an elevator all the way to the top whereas other took two elevators. All of us were taken away by the sights of Paris when we arrived at the top.


Once we stepped out of the elevator at the very top, we all were amazed with how big the city is and a little nervous of the heights. Once up there, we were able to read about a little history of the tower. It was first constructed in 1887 and completed two years later. The material used is puddled or wrought iron that weighs approximately 7,300 tons. Each year, about 6 million people visit the structure adding up to over 250 million people. We were lucky enough to be added to the list and made it up and down without incident.




When were were on the ground level, we all congregated together to get ready for our boat tour or Paris along the Seine River. A couple of us were getting hungry so we stopped to get a crêpe or a sorbet before the trip. A crêpe is a thin pancake with a flavoring within the middle, usually chocolate, and a sorbet is a fruity frozen dessert similar to sherbet ice cream but without dairy content. Once we set sail, our group passed under 22 bridges and saw an amazing view of Paris’s most famous structures including the Louvre, Notre Dame, and more. Not only did we get to sight see, we were able to learn more about what was passing by us with an audio that guided our tour.



Paris was founded under three values: freedom, equality, and brotherhood. It is considered the city of lights, love, art, and many other names. Learning about all the different wonders of Paris was quite an experience for our group and one memory that we shall never forget.

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