Visit to European Commission

Haley Lindstrom
Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This morning, we boarded the bus and made way towards Belgium. While we really enjoyed our time spent in Germany and its lovely cities, we were ready to conquer yet another country. Once we arrived in Brussels, we had a quick lunch and then proceeded to our visit to the European Commission.


We began our visit with the completion of a security check of all of our bags. Gladly, we passed the test and moved forward with the adventure! Next, we were taken into a room that displayed a massive timeline of the European Parliament events throughout history. Our tour guide, who was incredibly knowledgeable in the subject, led us into a small classroom where we would be given a short lecture.

The group learned that the European Commission is comprised of a Commission President and 27 commissioners, each representing a European state and focusing on a given area of policy. The commission is responsible for the following: initiating new legislation, guarding of the treaty (defending the European interest), politically implementing strategic goals, and negotiating international trade policy. We learned that the European Union includes 27 countries, those in total creating a population of 510 million citizens.


We all agreed that learning this information about Europe’s parliament was highly interesting and beneficial to our studies as business students. We felt as though the visit to the commission provided us with a greater sense of global awareness, as most of this trip has, that will only prepare us for successful careers in the world of business.

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