Internship Spotlight: Brittany Lulich, Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh

Obtaining My Internship

I started working in the dietary department at Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh in October of 2010.  After working in dietary for almost two years, I decided to contact the Human Resources department to ask if they had any interest in having an intern.  I met with two of the managers and they offered to set something up for me to intern in their department.  I was extremely excited to gain experience to prepare for my future career.  I started interning in the Human Resources department at Lutheran Homes in late July of 2012, so as of now I have been there for 3 months.  Going into the internship I was nervous because I did not have any experience in a professional office setting, but the nerves were offset by my excitement to start the experience.

Challenges, Value, and Major

I have been able to incorporate my course work into my internship experience in different ways.  I use experience from the Professional Skills course while interacting with professionals in the office, as well as at meetings and meeting with potential candidates.  My Human Resources classes have provided me with materials I use for discussions with my supervisors regarding all aspects of the job.  Challenges I had to overcome involve my ability to choose proper applicants through résumé selection, but my supervisor is always very supportive of me and willing to discuss any questions or concerns I may have.  I feel very confident in my major selection while experiencing life as an intern.  I enjoy the amount of structure involved in the average Human Resources job as well as the heavy interaction with people.  I am very much a people person.

Internship Experience

The one thing I wish I would have known before my internship is the amount of technical knowledge on the subject.   I began interning before enrolling in my major courses, which I am now able to use and apply to situations at work that expand my knowledge. Some of my favorite projects within the office involve résumé selection, conducting interviews, and entering information into the computer regarding workman’s compensation claims and conducting background checks on new hires. The most important thing I have learned so far while working at my internship is acquiring basic knowledge in Human Resources.  I enjoy the real-life aspect of interning, not just textbooks and lecture from classes.  I am very  thankful for this amazing opportunity.

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