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Internship Spotlight: Aaron Sellier, RR Donnelley

Aaron Sellier, Accounting

Company Overview

Before being acquired by RR Donnelley, the company I am currently interning for was known as the Banta Corporation of Menasha Wisconsin.  They were a major printing and imaging company for over one hundred years in Wisconsin.  In 2006, Banta was sold to the Chicago based firm RR Donnelley, another commercial printing company.

When Did I Start and How Did I Obtain My Internship?

I started in May of 2011 as an Accounting Intern.  The school’s resources such as the career fair and titanjobs both provided me with interviews at a handful of companies.  RR Donnelley was at the top of my list because of their positive image in our community and there is a large opportunity for advancement after graduation.

Highlights So Far

Aside from my monthly duties and projects, there are a few things that standout for me so far in my experience here at RRD.

I was lucky to participate in an inventory audit by our internal audit group from corporate RRD.  This was a large scale audit that investigated our physical items on hand and also the financial documents related.  I was able to shadow one of the auditors through their process.

Being put in charge of an annual physical asset audit was my second highlight.  Each year, corporate RRD requires a listing of assets be evaluated for disposals, transfers, ext…  My supervisor gave me the responsibility to conduct this audit for each department.

The main highlight for me was my interaction with so many professionals.  Throughout my time there, there were people from every department that I had either worked with or at least had a significant conversation with.  The connections I made are most valuable to me from this experience.

Advice from My Experience

The one thing I would like to pass on from my experience is that a lack in confidence is normal before landing an internship.  I wasn’t sure if I was capable of reaching an internship, let-alone performing well in one.  I wish that I had not put so much stress on myself early on because now I have realized that my internship was actually there to build my confidence.  This is something I will remember when applying for jobs out of college.

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