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Internship Spotlight: Amber Baugnet, Oshkosh Corporation

Amber Baugnet, Human Resources Major, Oshkosh Corp Intern

Company Overview: Oshkosh Corporation

Oshkosh Corporation was founded in 1917 as the Wisconsin Duplex Auto Company.  The first truck ever produced was a four-wheel-drive truck, which is today known as “Old Betsy.”  The company has gone through several name changes, but is named as it is today to better reflect Oshkosh’s diverse product lines.

Oshkosh Corporation consists of four different segments: Defense, Fire & Emergency, Access, and Commercial.  These segments produce high quality access equipment, truck bodies, and specialty vehicles.  Within these segments are popular brands such as Oshkosh Defense, JLG, Pierce Manufacturing, and McNeilus.

My Role in the HRMS Department

I began my internship in February 2011, and have loved it ever since.  In my job, I help support the HR management system which was recently implemented throughout the entire company.  I am responsible for carrying out support tasks for the system, creating reports that will be used to track recruiting and compliance metrics, and helping to build our new management system to how our end users want it to be.

Over the summer I was able to take the lead in implementing the performance and goal management module for one of our business units.  I was also heavily involved in implementing the recruiting module, which allows recruiters to create jobs, post them internally and externally, and track candidates in an efficient way.

Challenges I’ve Overcome

A few months into my internship, the person who I consider to be my mentor decided to leave the company.  I looked up to this person for advice and she is the one who I would always go to with questions.  This was a huge challenge because she is who I worked most directly with.  I decided I could either let this be hurt me or I could take on the challenge and learn from it.  And, that is exactly what I did.  I am almost thankful for this unexpected challenge because I think I have learned so much more by trial and error and doing my own research than if my mentor would have been there.  I became independent and confident in my work and I learned from any mistakes I made along the way.

Connecting With Other Interns

A Group of Oshkosh Corporation Interns

A Group of Oshkosh Corporation Interns

Oshkosh Corporation offers an amazing internship program that allows all interns to interact through various events such as professional skills programs, a dinner with the CEO, picnics, and other fun activities.  In my experience so far, I was able to help plan the dinner with the CEO, I played in a summer volleyball league, ran a 4.5 mile mud run, and attend every professional skills event that they offered.  These events helped me meet and interact with interns that I don’t get to see on a daily basis.


If there is any advice I can give to a student going into an internship, it is to never give up no matter what challenges you are facing.  I didn’t get this job on my first or even second try, but I also didn’t give up.  Staying positive is key to success.

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