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Internship Spotlight: David Wahn, Pierce Manufacturing

David Wahn, Accounting Major, Pierce Intern

Pierce Manufacturing

Pierce Manufacturing is just two years shy of its 100th anniversary. The company was founded in 1913 by two brothers in Appleton, WI. It first started out just building trucks and busses. It wasn’t until 1940 that the company started building fire trucks; from then on Pierce has led the industry in innovation and quality.

In 1996, Pierce was purchased by Oshkosh Corporation and became a subsidiary to its mother company. Pierce has benefited from the acquisition because it has been able to use many of Oshkosh Corporation’s innovations in its fire apparatuses.

My Role at Pierce

I have actually held two different internship positions at Pierce. The one I am currently in is a cost accounting role. Many of the tasks I perform are for month end reporting purposes. I am involved in generating many reports used by management to measure performance. I am also in charge of putting together a report showing all of the stock units that we have on hand, and the amount of costs that we have put into each one. I would say the primary purpose of my internship is to assist in the completion all of the month end reports.

As an intern I have had many opportunities for professional development. These opportunities not only came from the work experience I gained while performing my tasks, but also from the different seminars and training sessions provided by Oshkosh.

Because Pierce is a subsidiary of Oshkosh Corporation, all of its interns are able to be involved in the all career development opportunities sponsored by Oshkosh Corporation. This was one of the best parts of the internship. It was really neat seeing a company that is actually interested in developing its interns. It gives you a sense of value, which is great!

Getting the Internship

This internship has been really great. I first heard about this internship opportunity in my cost accounting class with Professor Makar. He had received an email from the Oshkosh Corporation HR department asking him to announce the openings in his class. I spoke to him and got the contact information.

I used Professor Makar as a resource to help me with my resume; he was a great help. From there I applied online. The funny thing is I actually was having difficulty with Oshkosh’s website, so I was in contact with the HR office a lot over the phone. They said they would throw me in the candidate pool because I was showing so much interest by contacting them all the time; this was before they had even taken a look at my resume! This just goes to show that being persistent can pay off.

Internship Spotlight: Katie Sweeney, 4imprint

Katie Sweeney, Human Resources Major

My Internship Search

I had been waiting to look for an internship until I knew I would have enough time to have an internship as well as manage schoolwork and an executive board position on UWO Society of Human Resource Management.  I heard about 4imprint’s Human Resource internship through SHRM’s mailing list as well as the then current intern who was a friend through SHRM. I was in a good position to start my search and thought this would be a perfect place to start.

If you are wondering what kind of company 4imprint, Inc. is, it is a promotional items company that is located in downtown Oshkosh. It offers thousands of products for companies and individuals to have their logos or names placed on the item. They offer low prices and an educated and friendly staff.

How I Knew it Would be a Good Fit

I started my internship in January of 2011 and will be there until I graduate in May 2012. I knew when I started that it would be a great internship from stories I heard from the previous intern. I also knew that is was a great place to work because of all the awesome perks they offer their employees and the fact it was voted best medium size company to work for three years in a row (since this year it is now four).

During the orientation process, they emphasized customer service to our external and our internal customers and this shows through the compassionate and kind employees at 4imprint who treat everyone with respect. 4imprint also makes sure each employee is recognized for their hard work.

Experiences During My Internship

I have been at my internship now for about ten months and I have been given some great opportunities to use what I have learned in classes and apply it to my tasks. I have done a lot of work in recruiting. This involves reviewing applications, phone interviews, and also administrating tests that are involved in the interview process. I have also been to several job fairs. Recruiting is something I really love to do because you get to interact with many different types of people. It also gives me the chance to not only know my position but also the positions within the company that I am recruiting for.

Another area that I have been trying to learn more about is benefits side of HR. 4imprint strives to make sure employees have a wonderful work life balance and our benefits truly give employees that opportunity. I love learning about the benefits that keep our employees happy and engaged at work. I also love taking what I learned in my benefits about the different laws associated with benefits and seeing real life examples.

4imprint also gives me so many opportunities to learn. I love going to seminars and learning about how to motivate your workforce, conflict resolution, etc. I also love learning about the different laws and what changes we have to incorporate to our systems in order to comply with the laws.

What 4imprint Has Given Me

I believe all my experiences at 4imprint have prepared me to take on a full time position once I graduate. I never thought I would be getting so much out of an internship. I have gained so much experience and knowledge that it has given me a sense of confidence I was not sure I would have when looking for a full time position. My internship has prepared for the real world and has shown me what kind of company I want to work for in the future.

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