Sightseeing in Hangzhou

Entry by Kari Mitchell (May 28, 2011)

Today we went sightseeing in Hangzhou. To start out the morning, our group traveled downtown to tour the West Lake causeways. This boat tour provided an amazing view of the lake and its surroundings.

Later that day, our tour guide led us on a journey up the ancient 6 harmonies Pagoda. The pagoda was built with 6 tiers of steep steps made of cement or wood. It is amazing to see firsthand how different Chinese infrastructure is in relation to the U.S. The view from the top was beautiful, overlooking the city, lake, and forestry.

After the pagoda, we ate lunch at a classy restaurant and enjoyed Richard Nixon’s favorite meal. To finish the tour, we headed to the Lingyin Temple. There, we split up into small groups and had some time to wander throughout the temple, observe and take pictures. We watched as people worshiped Buddha and the gods by burning incense, bowing, and praying.

On our way back downtown we got the opportunity to visit a popular tea village. There, we learned about the best seasons to pick and dry tea leaves and later we got to taste some of the green tea Hangzhou is famous for. We wrapped up the night by eating dinner at a restaurant of our choice on the streets of Hangzhou.

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