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Resort internship opens eyes to the world of HR!

Claire Yakley, HR Major, Heidel House Intern

My Human Resource internship with the Heidel House Resort and Spa in Green Lake, WI began just this May. The Heidel House Resort & Spa is a premiere resort in Green Lake, Wisconsin located on the shores of Green Lake. They strive to provide excellent standards to all visitors and employees. I have been here a little over a month and I absolutely love my experience and time spent here.

 All of the staff has been great to get along with and get to know. Everyone was so welcoming and they all understand this is a learning experience for me. Therefore, when I come across an issue or a situation I have never experienced before I receive the help I need. It’s great to have such a nice staff to work with because they truly are helping me learn and gain the experience I would need before I enter the work force on my own.

 The responsibilities and tasks that I do from day to day include: conducting new hire orientations, completing I-9 forms, collecting employee information, providing employees with the assistance they may need in certain areas, ensure completion of training and emergency manuals for several departments, and work on upcoming projects/events. I am enjoying all of my responsibilities especially the new hire orientations because this is the task I do the most. I enjoy working with people and welcoming them to the organization. I feel as if this is giving me some great experience because of the confidentiality responsibility I am learning, and the forms and processes of hiring new employees. I would eventually like to go intro recruiting, so in a way this is opening the small door to that area.

 Another neat aspect of my internship is the fact that I work with several different departments within my organization. It has been a responsibility of mine to get to know these different departments and because of working with several departments, my experience is very diverse.

 The other part about my internship that I am enjoying is the relationship I am building with my supervisor. We get along extremely well and she is teaching me a lot about Human Resources. She has a lot of experience in the field so hearing current and past situations and how she handled them is opening my eyes to what Human Resources truly is.

 I am so thankful for my experience here. I LOVE coming to work everyday and I feel like I am learning so much!

Intern goes behind the scenes at Miller Park!

Intern Jessica Alt, and her manager, Tai Pauls, at Miller Park

When most people think of Miller Park and the Milwaukee Brewers, they think of the tailgating, the anticipation before a Brewers vs. Cubs game, and the fun that they have with family and friends on game days.  But I have to say from recent experience, that there is a whole other world behind the doors of Miller Park on non-game days. For example, since I have started my internship, on non-game days there have been; people getting married on home plate, dinner parties, trade shows and anniversary parties on the field.

I began my internship on May 23rd, 2011 and it has been an absolutely amazing experience. Brewers Enterprises is a department that has been recently added to the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club. Brewers Enterprises oversees all non-baseball events and revenue for Miller Park. Along with doing non-game day events such as weddings, meetings in our conference center, and many different types of parties, Brewers Enterprises is also in charge of all Miller Park tours, and different experiences that fans can have on game days. For example, going down Bernie’s slide, tailgate parties in the parking lots or having the ultimate VIP bullpen experience. Other major events that Brewers Enterprises puts on are the Brewers All-Access for Women, and the Field of Sweet Dreams. The Brewers All-Access for Women in an upcoming event which includes, an exclusive behind the scene look at Miller Park, a private tailgate party and two tickets to the Brewers vs. Cubs game that night. This event is something that I have been focusing a lot of my attention on the past few weeks. I have been talking with fans that are interested in more information, registering women for the event and also marketing All-Access for Women with my fellow interns and managers. The Field of Sweet Dreams event is also coming up, and it is an event where fans can actually camp out on the field in tents for the night.

One of the things that I like about my internship is that every day is a little bit different. Some of the duties that I have as an intern with the Milwaukee Brewers include; helping make sure that all of the meeting rooms are set up properly for the different companies that come in to use the spaces, answering questions about all the different experiences that fans are able to have, going to the events to help set up and be present in case the clients need anything, and also help to market the events that Brewers Enterprises puts on throughout the summer. There are also many projects that get assigned to me that pertain to a specific event. One of the main tasks that my fellow interns and I had for the first few weeks was to plan a luncheon for all of the Brewers interns. This was a great way for me to gain some hands on experience. It allowed me to take what I had learned from my managers and put it into action. It was great learning experiences to see my vision for an event become a reality.

I am learning so much from my internship and I know that I still have so much more to learn. This internship has been the perfect opportunity for me to learn more about event planning for a larger organization which is something that I am interested in doing in my future, as well as incorporate some of the marketing aspects from my major. This internship has also really allowed me to develop my communication and networking skills. My managers Tai Pauls, and Sarah Chmiel have really helped me to feel comfortable in my new environment and with the tasks that I am required to do. I can tell that I am more confident in myself and with the skills that I am developing today than I was just a few short weeks ago. I have really enjoyed working with everyone in my office thus far, and hope to continue to develop connections with everyone and finish out my summer strong as a Brewers Enterprises intern with the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club.

Student works with employer to create an internship!

Michelle Lubinski, Wolf River Community Bank Intern

Wolf River Community Bank opened its doors in 1996 in Hortonville, WI.  Now 15 years later they have expanded to two other branches and are continuing to grow.  I am currently working at both the New London and Hortonville branch.  With the company’s continued growth and development they are able to offer a wide variety of banking products while maintaining a close relationship with their customers.    

My experience at Wolf River started back in August 2006.  I was informed about a job opening for a part time student.  After applying and interviewing I was hired on as a part time teller.  This position required me to conduct a wide variety of banking transactions both in person and over the phone, as well as open customer accounts. 

After working with Wolf River for four years my branch manager and I began discussing internship possibilities within the company.  Being Wolf River’s first intern, my manager and I needed to decide on responsibilities that would both increase my knowledge and benefit the company.  We decided on giving me a wide variety of task to give me a feel for multiple different departments.  My responsibilities include working on multiple different projects in the loan department, assisting in company marketing, and looking into company policies. 

The experiencing I am gaining at Wolf River is helping me to grow in my professional career as well as help me decide on the area of banking that interest me the most.  I have also been able to build my confidence level both when working with customers and independently.  Wolf River is an excellent company to work for and the knowledge I am gaining with them will help me substantially both now and down the road.

Student finds an internship that fits with personality!


Tori Johnson, Marketing Major

Cypress Homes, Inc, located in Appleton, WI, has been building new custom homes and condos within a two-hour radius of the Fox Cities since 1994.  Cypress Homes aims to make the home building process as easy as possible for new home buyers.  To help simplify the process for new buyers, Cypress Homes can help customers sell their existing homes as well.

 Immediately when I started my internship in May 2011, I knew it was a great fit for my personality and the goals I wanted to fulfill throughout my internship.  The hardworking staff has friendly, laid back personalities, which makes it easy for me to come to them with questions.  Working as the marketing intern I assist in: internet advertising, updating social media sources, helping prepare materials for open houses, and many other various tasks that go into the home building process. 

My supervisor has been great through this experience, and trusts me with new projects, as well as letting me brainstorm up new ideas for different ad campaigns.   I have enjoyed the many connections that I have made through this internship so far, and look forward to continuing to strengthen these connections.

One of my favorite professors, Professor Depies, told me to “Find an internship that I love doing, where I feel I will gain the most hands-on experience.”  Every day I am working on a new project and gaining so much new knowledge and experience.  Not only has this internship broadened my marketing experience, but it has also given me great ideas for what my dream home will one day look like!

Automotive Dealer offers real world HR Experience!


Melissa Michalkiewicz, Human Resources Major

Bergstrom Automotive is located all over Wisconsin. You can find eighteen of the twenty three dealerships in the Fox Valley. Bergstrom’s corporate office is located downtown Neenah. Bergstrom sells just about every make of vehicle there is. Lexus, BMW, Acura, Chevrolet, Ford, and Buick are just a few to name. They have over 1,100 employees to serve the Fox Cities like family and become #1 in guest services.

I started my Human Resources Internship at Bergstrom in April 2011. Until the semester ended, I only worked part-time and now I am currently working full-time. My everyday responsibilities include: printing and screening resumes, sending turndown letters to applicants, keeping up-to-date with employee recognition gifts, collecting and entering employee’s exercise hours, and creating orientation reports. A project I will be working on all summer is Bergstrom’s WELCOA application; this is a lengthy process because there are so many steps and processes that need to be completed before acceptance. Also during my internship, I will be attending phone impressions training and diversity/leadership training.

My supervisor has really helped me adjust and feel comfortable in my position. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bergstrom, and I look forward to the future experiences and knowledge that I will gain through my internship. This internship will provide me with the skills I need to be successful with any career opportunities I choose to pursue.

Local Credit Union offers finance and accounting internship!

Hollie Drexler, Finance Major

I am currently an intern at Citizens First Credit Union. The Credit Union is member owned and a non for profit organization. It was originally named Wisconsin Axle Credit Union and was opened in 1937. I am working in the Accounting and Wealth Management departments. I have been able to sit in on client meetings and have learned a lot about investment products and options. For the accounting side I have been recording daily journal entries and balancing daily reports. I am learning a lot and am looking forward to the rest of the summer.

Successful on campus internship!

Katelyn Gitter, Business Success Intern

I started my internship back in March of 2011 in the marketing field. I am currently attending UWO and will be graduating this May with a marketing degree and advertising minor.

 So far my experience at Business Success Center has been a positive experience and an eye opener. I currently work in the survey center helping out with their market research development. My verbal communications skills have greatly improved since the beginning of summer while working throughout the week. The environment is very professional and the other interns and workers are more than willing to help with any questions that arise. I will be starting on more projects as the summer progresses, moving away from the survey center and adventuring onto opportunities such as working on advertising for a company.

 My internship will continue through the fall semester of 2011. I have really enjoyed working with the Business Success Center and I make sure I put my best work forward because they will work with me to improve my skills, resume, and interview opportunities. I look forward to completing my internship at the center and to use that experience to find my career one day!

Last day in China is a busy one!

Entry by Phia Vang (June 8, 2011)

Our last day in China started out with a much needed sleep-in until our scheduled meeting at 10 AM.  The first stop of the day was the Drum Tower of Beijing in the Hutong Area, which is known as the oldest part of Beijing.  After climbing steep steps, we were greeted with a room full of various sized drums and a great view of the Hutong Area.  We were just in time witness a drum performance, the same way it was done 600 years ago.  These performances signaled the time of the day to Beijing residents, similar to a clock tower.  After descending the steps, we traveled to a street full of rickshaws to start the second part of our Hutong tour and by way of rickshaw, we went to lunch.  This lunch was held inside a family’s house rather than a restaurant, making the food more authentic.  After lunch, we went to visit a Wisconsin company in China, Bucyrus.  A presentation of the company, their products, their entrance into the Chinese market, and the challenges they faced along with a tour of their offices brought an end to our visit.  With some extra time left in our day, the students chose to do some last minute shopping at a knock off market, more of a mall, which had five floors and over 30 stalls/shops on each floor.  We used our bargaining skills, each of us now a master at it, to get the best deals while shop workers tried to squeeze every last yuan out of us.  With our shopping done, we concluded our day with dinner at Bai Mansion, where all the staff wore traditional Chinese clothing.  The entrance, layout, and design of the restaurant made it hard to believe that a place like this existed within a modern Beijing.  We headed back to the hotel after our dinner for some rest and to pack our bags for the flight back home early in the morning.  With that, we said zaijian (goodbye) to China and look forward to seeing everyone back home.


Temple of Heaven, Pearl Factory, Tian’anmen Square, and Novelty Market

Entry by David Lonie – June 5, 2011

Temple of Heaven

This was a tranquil park about 2km south of Tian’anmen Square that consisted of about 500 years of history. Once the very heart of imperial ceremony and symbolism in China. Conceived as the meeting point between Heaven and Earth. Constructed to contain round temples (signify Heaven) with square bases (signify Earth).

Pearl Factory

Fresh water clams, on average, contain as many as 26 pearls; ocean clams only contribute at most one pearl. Nutrients put into water establish the colour of the pearls trapped within. Pearls can range in price from $20 to $15,000 (U.S. dollars). Price is dependent on form, color, texture, weight, girth, and diameter. Necklaces in back of sales office were in upwards of $57,000 (U.S. dollars).

Tian’anmen Square

By far the golden egg of recent history. Visited the day after anniversary of 1989 incident. Largest square in the world. Spent 20 minutes exploring wide open space next to Chairman Mao’s Tomb, China Museum, and the Monument to the People. You could feel the presence of the Government moving through the crowd wearing civilian clothes to prevent political activism or social cries to Free Tibet. Walking soldiers abound. Police on Segways and military transitions into glass watch-stations that resembled coffers. In all, no activism took place; other than students’ group picture holding China National Flag.

Novelty Market

Novelty market was a stop that consisted of a 5 story indoor flea market type of shopping experience. Purses, shirts, jeans, watches, jade, silk, pearls, cameras, and even sport jerseys from around the globe. Many of us tried to bargain with great success; still others cam away with virtual steals. Lots of fun! Next time you need to bargain for that brand new automobile make sure we are present. This way you are sure to drive down the price and help you get into the vehicle you deserve.

The Great Wall

College of Business students at the Great Wall of China.

Entry by Steve.

This Saturday we started at 8:30 in the morning with a trip to the Great Wall of China.  Everyone, including myself, was very excited to visit the wall because of its cultural importance in China.  On the bus ride we learned about the seventeen different dynasties in Chinese history.  The first wall of defense was built in the Qin dynasty which was about 2,200 years ago.  When the wall was still intact it extended from North East to North West China because this is where the biggest threat of attack was.  I also thought it was very interesting that when China’s boundaries changed so did the wall which is why it was built several different times.  When we arrived I saw the two parts of the wall that we could climb.  Most of the group climbed one part and there were 5 students that climbed both.

After the wall we were on our way to the jade factory which is where we ate lunch because there was a restaurant on the second floor.  I ate traditional Chinese dishes which were served on a lazy susan.  Jade has long been popular in China because, unlike many other precious stones, Jade can be carved easily.  After we saw some workers carve the jade we were taken to the showroom and had the opportunity to purchase some jade jewelry.

When we got back on the bus we were headed for the Ming Tombs which is the largest tomb area in the world.  When we arrived we first took a look at the Chang tomb which was the biggest tomb.  We also walked on a “sacred road” which contained stone statues of people and animals which were sculpted hundreds of years ago.

On the way back to the hotel we were able to see the Olympic park and the water cube from the 2008 Olympics.  I saw so many spectacular sites today and as usual I gained a plethora of information.  I am glad that I made the choice to attend this trip because it has truly opened my eyes not only to other cultures but also to the possibilities available in the global market.

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