Northwestern Mutual Internship Experience!

Jason O'Connel, Northwestern Mutual Intern

Northwestern Mutual was founded in 1857, in the great state of Wisconsin.  The company survived through a Civil War, The Great Depression, two World Wars, a number of recessions, and 9/11.  Our long-time experience and superior knowledge of products is what sets us apart from our competition. 

Northwestern Mutual offers a wide variety of products to help people manage financial risk and achieve financial security throughout their life.  Our company is a main producer of Life Insurance policies, but we also produce disability insurance, long-term care, retirement funding, educational funding, cash management, and estate planning.  At Northwestern Mutual the client comes first.  This is the reason why our company is so highly appraised.

I began my internship in December 2010.  During Christmas break, three other interns and I went through a week of training.  After the training seminar, I was required to pass two state exams to be licensed to sell insurance.  A lot of time studying went into this internship.  Once the exams were passed I was set to begin my Northwestern Mutual experience.  Right off the bat I started making calls to set up appointments and built a client base.  The appointments are done with another financial Representative and me.  So from the appointments alone I am learning so much.  I have conducted a meeting by myself and did it with confidence.  This internship has a lot to do with activity.  If I don’t make the calls or set appointments my experience is very limited.  What I put in is what I will get out of this internship.

Each week my supervisor and I make up weekly goals.  These goals are typically centered on activity whether it is from phoning to getting qualified suspects.  My supervisor makes sure that I am on track and is always willing to do joint work with myself.  The atmosphere here at work is great.  The Representatives made me feel welcome right from the get go and were always willing to help me if I had questions.  Overall so far this internship has been a rewarding experience and I hope to continue my relationship with Northwestern Mutual after the internship.

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