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Mercury Marine Co-Op

Karl Huth with his supervisor, Jason McAuly

Mercury Marine’s main facility is located in Fond du Lac Wisconsin. They also have locations in Stillwater, OK, Miami, FL, Panama City, FL, St. Cloud, FL, Brookfield, WI, Tulsa, OK, Dandenong, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Japan and Mexico. They are the world leader in marine propulsion and technology.

Currently, I am the Supply Chain Co-Op in plant 3 which is their main distribution plan in Fond du Lac. I started in late December and will be working full time till the end of August. One of my main roles is a buyer/analyst for different suppliers. A couple of my main suppliers are General Motors, Attwood and Federal Mogul. My duties with the suppliers are to make sure I am ordering the right parts and making sure the suppliers are on time with their deliveries.

I also run many reports daily to track backorders, interplant shipping and supplier issues. I am very happy that I took QBA and Bus 311 at Oshkosh because I use Excel and Access on a regular basis with a heavy emphasis on Excel. I can also relate many aspects of MPC taught by Dr. G to the warehouse and the way it works.

The position I am in is very nice because it deals with actual business issues and shows me how it is in the real world. At time it can be very stressful but the people I work with are extremely helpful. My supervisor is extremely helpful and is there if I need anything but also gives me the tools to work independently and do my own thing. Another great, and unique, aspect of my job is the people I work with. Among the 12 people that are in my area 7 of them went to UW Oshkosh including my supervisor. I think this proves how good of a Supply Chain program UW Oshkosh haves.

I am very eager and excited to continue in my position and prove that I am an asset to the company.

Oshkosh Corporation Internship

 I started a quality internship in January with the defense segment at Oshkosh Corporation. I work at the Lake Aire complex on Oregon Street, and was surprised to see that there were only 8 other employees in our office. It made memorizing my co-workers names very easy, and it has been easy to stay focused, even when sharing an office with three others.

As a quality intern, my role is similar to a quality technician whose main responsibility is insuring that a quality product is delivered to Oshkosh Corporation’s customers. Oshkosh Corporation is a company that takes pride in its quality, and is very aware of the impact that their products have on soldiers overseas. During orientation, it was nice to hear about letters sent from soldiers and their families about how their lives were saved because of the truck’s quality. It helps to know that your company has such a positive image when your job is related to ensuring that quality.

Some of my daily job duties include both entering data, as well as compiling data for quality improvement projects. Excel is becoming an increasingly important tool with establishing self-sustaining reports that will allow us to more rapidly and accurately attend to quality issues. With current information and charts that are constantly updated, Oshkosh Corporation will continue to improve its defect drive back process and how it communicates quality issues to the Quality Department.

The one aspect of Oshkosh Corporation that surprised me the most while learning more about them includes the amount of resources used for aftermarket service. Not only does Oshkosh Corporation provide a crucial role in servicing its own products in the U.S and internationally, but they also play an important role in fixing the competitors products and ensuring that customers are receiving the type of quality that they deserve.

SHRM members on GMA!

Posted by Sarah
SHRM members were spotted on GMA
We were on Good Morning America this morning! Watch the episode at

SHRM members tour, work, and play.

Studio Tour and Broadway Play
Wednesday morning, March 23, some of our UWO SHRM members were on the Today Show! We started our morning with a tour of NBC studios. At the end of the tour, we were fortunate enough to run into a camera crew taping a segment for the Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford. She was doing some Indianapolis 500 trivia.

We went back to the Boys and Girls Club in the afternoon. We again helped with homework and made some worksheets. Also some of us participated in a discussion about sexual harassment with the older students.

We capped off our night with a Broadway show. God’s Love We Deliver gave us free tickets to a show. Our seats were great!

SHRM – Parsons Brinckerhoff company tour

Posted by Sarah at 9:43SHRM members on company tour
Tuesday we had our company tour. The President of HRNY, the NYC professional chapter of SHRM was kind enough to set up our tour. We visited Parsons Brinckerhoff, one of the world’s leading planning, engineering, and program and construction management organizations. We were greeted with bagels and other refreshments. We spent the morning with representatives from all of their major HR divisions and the Vice President of HR. We learned more about the company and what they do in their areas of HR. We then went to Astron Solutions, a human resources consulting firm. Here we had lunch with the staff and another member of HRNY. They were kind enough to answer questions and feed us some great NYC pizza.

SHRM members volunteer

Posted by Sarah at 9:21 amSHRM member volunteer
Monday morning was our first day volunteering. We were up bright and early to take the subway to God’s Love We Deliver. This agency makes and delivers nutritious meals to people who are suffering from serious illnesses such as AIDS/HIV and cancer. There we received orientation. We nominated three leaders who were taught delivery routes and how to pack meals for clients. Those leaders then broke the rest of us into three groups. Each group packed meals and split up to deliver meals in different parts of the city. We had the opportunity to see parts of the city we had not yet seen and meet some very kind people who seemed happy to get their food. We grabbed a quick lunch and made our way to the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club Navy Yard Clubhouse in Brooklyn. There we had the opportunity to assist students with homework, play games, and a few of us even participated in a dance class.

SHRM arrival in NYC-March 2011

Posted by Sarah at 8:43 amSHRM members at Ellis Island
We arrived in New York City Saturday evening. Our adventure began Sunday morning. We navigated the subway to Battery Park where we caught a ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We then visited Ground Zero and St. Paul’s Chapel, the church where many gathered during and after the 9/11 tragedy. We ate lunch in Chinatown and balanced this with a little dessert while shopping in Little Italy. We walked from there into Soho. After more exploring, we headed into Times Square. We ended the night celebrating one of our student’s birthdays at the Hard Rock Cafe.

RR Donnelly – Operations Intern

Sara MeliusRR Donnelley is located on four continents, in nearly 40 different countries making it one of the largest printing companies in the world, and the largest in North America. It produces everything from magazines, catalogs, and books, along with advertising material, financial reports and business forms. RR Donnelley works with more than 60,000 customers worldwide and is a global provider of integrated communications. They all work together to develop solutions that reduce costs and enhance return on invest.

I started my internship in January 2011 and have been enjoying every second of it. This is RR Donnelley’s first intern at this facility, so this is a new experience for both of us. I am already learning more than I ever anticipated and know that I have much more to learn. I work as the operations intern at the warehouse and assist in many projects. Right now, I am currently doing a time study to possibly help save the company some money and speed up productivity. I work a lot with Excel so taking Quantitative Business Analysis has really helped me out quite a bit. I am just in the early part of my supply chain classes, but am seeing such a huge connection between my course work and the projects assigned to me at RR Donnelley.

My supervisor has helped me become comfortable with the every day activities, but has also pushed me to do things I would have never thought I would. I am becoming more confident with myself and expressing my opinions as these two areas were my greatest challenges. I am creating connections with other employees which helps make the internship that much more enjoyable.

Internship in Germany – Amanda Fenske

BMS Marketing Research+ Strategy is a small market research company located in Munich, Germany. It was founded in 1991 by Stefan Binner and has expanded into the European, Asian, and American markets since its foundation.Amanda Fenske
I was incredibly lucky to have found this internship in Munich. I’d come to Osnabrück, Germany on a Study and Intern Program Scholarship which required me to find an internship the second semester. During my studies the Winter Semester, I had taken a course named “Marktforschung” which translates to “Market Research”. Mr. Binner came to teach a Market Research Intensive Training Day for this course, and after the day, I asked him about internship possibilities in Germany. It worked out that I could work for him starting in February.

I am happy to be working for a smaller company because I can help see an entire project through. I will be able to understand and be involved in all the steps that a market research project endures. By the end of my internship, I hope to feel confident in choosing which methods, what sample size, and what type of interview delivery should be used for specific objectives and then be able to summarize the results and draw conclusions from the outcome of the studies.

Since I have been here, I’ve assisted project managers on a few of our projects for clients. Working for an international firm means having to cope with many languages, and although I speak English in the office, I have had to code open-ended responses in German, French, and Spanish for analysis. I’ve helped create English versions of questionnaires and am learning how to program them on the SSI web for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI).

QBA was definitely a very helpful class for this internship since Excel is always in use. I am also becoming familiar with the SPSS analysis program. I enjoy the fact that I continually learn something new on the job and can develop and put to use the skills I’ve learned in class.

Oshkosh Corporation Internship

Tasha GosselinTasha Gosselin
Accounting Defense/Finance Internship

Oshkosh Corporation designs and builds specialty vehicles and equipment for Defense, Fire & Emergency and Commercial uses. Oshkosh Corporation started in Wisconsin and has grown globally to become a Fortune 500 company. With a diversified business model and growth strategies focused on innovation, operational excellence, superior quality and service, and strategic acquisition, this company will continue to be a leader in its’ market.

I am an Accounting/S.C.O.M. major planning to graduate in 2013. This fall, I heard about several internship opportunities at Oshkosh Corporation through the Accounting Club and decided to apply. I currently hold an Accounting Defense/Finance Internship at the Harrison Street Plant in Oshkosh.

So far my internship has been a very rewarding experience. I am in charge of several different Defense contracts for which I do sales accruals, audit schedules, vouchers for the government and other miscellaneous projects. The thing I love most about this job is that the work I am doing is very similar to what the full time staff accountants do. The only major difference is the quantity of work and the difficulty of the contract. In the few months that I have worked at Oshkosh Corporation I have been given many opportunities to expand my knowledge and take on different tasks. I also really enjoy the pressure of the accounting cycle. Each month you gear up for month end close which lasts about 2 – 3 weeks and before you know it, you are getting ready for another crazy couple of weeks. Some people might not enjoy this type of atmosphere but the deadlines keep me motivated and excited to come into work.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to have this internship before graduation. The work experience will help me immensely when I graduate and working somewhere that gives you a lot of responsibility will allow me to share that experience with interviewers. I have also become more familiar with an office environment and adjusted to the day-to-day flow of office life that includes meetings, phone calls, and urgent projects.

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