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WISCareers: “It’s your life. Login.”

By Sheng Lee (@shengdanger)

WISCareers is a web-based career information system created by Wisconsin Careers. It is located within the Center for Education and Work at UW Madison’s School of Education. The easy-to-use website encourages a self-directed and engaged approach to career development and job search.

The WISCareers website is designed to help you. By taking its self-assessments you will become aware of yourself and explore how your unique
patterns of interests, skills and values can be applied in your career. Use the ePortfolio to become aware of the relevance of how your current educational experiences serve as the foundation for future career aspirations and life path.

With its many other tools and resources, you will develop the job-seeking skills needed to acquire meaningful employment and make successful transitions into and throughout the world of work. And the best part is it’s all FREE to you if you’re enrolled at UW Oshkosh!

Here’s what it offers:

• Self-assessments matching occupations to interests, values and skills
• Comprehensive information on more than 700 occupations and overviews of more than 450 specializations including: education required, pros and cons, salary ranges, job outlook, and where you can expect to work
• ePortfolio that helps you document your progress and can be shared with others

How to begin:

1.) Create your account:

• go to wiscareers.wisc.edu
• click on Register
• enter the *Registration Code
• click Submit
• create a Username and Password
• Follow the steps to complete the registration and enjoy!

*All UW Oshkosh students are provided with this Registration Code: osh-c427

2.) Access your account

• Go to wiscareers.wisc.edu
• Enter your Username and Password
• Click Login

3.) Transfer your account:

• Need to transfer your account to a new school or organization? Acquire the Registration Code for the new location, then follow these simple steps:

o Go to wiscareers.wisc.edu
o Click on At a new location?
o Enter your Username and Password
o Click Login
o Enter the Registration Code for the new location
o Click Register
o Confirm your new information
o Click Transfer

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