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Career Services Intern Chai Lee Explores What Can Career Services Do For You?

Career Services Human Resources Intern Chai Lee

Hi Everyone,

Why come to Career Services?

Career Services can help you find jobs and internships, work on resumes, cover letters, and networking.  There also events that are held by Career Services such as, Career Fairs, Mock Interview, and Dining with Professionals and many more.  All students can use Career Services for free up until one year after graduation.  So use the opportunity to use Career Services because you also paid for all of these services so why not use the service.

All Students can use the services during Walk-In hours from 11:00AM to 1:00PM on Tuesday through Thursday or call to make appointment with the choice of advisor by majors.

Here is the website to see which advisor would best fit your needs.


My Internship Experience:

I want to share a little bit of my experience while I am an intern here at Career Services.  My name is Chai Lee, a Human Services Major.  Being an intern at Career Services, I had a lot of fun and also did a lot of exploration.  First of all, I worked on my resume and cover letter of a choice of employers that I want to work with.  I participated in the Career Fair; I got to meet many of employers and student from different majors.  During the Career Fair, I met with three different employers and gave my resume to them to look at.  Next, I attended class presentations with different advisers on topics of interviewing, portfolio, and general ideas of what is Career Services is.  Attending class presentations helped develop my professional skills and allowed me to find helpful resources.  My next step was the networking part, which I participated in Dining with Professionals and did the Mock Interview.  I did Dining with Professionals, where I met employers such as J.J. Keller, Alta Resources, Sherwin Williams and Big Brothers Big Sisters.  I had a choice of where I could sit, so I decided to sit at the table of Big Brothers Big Sisters and our host was Ellen Evensen.  During the dining, it is more of follow the leader or the host who talked about what to eat and drink with professional people.  At the end of the dining, I had some extra time to talk to Ellen and then she offered for me to send in my resume and cover letter for an internship opportunity.  I was so happy that I participated in Dining with Professionals and met employers from different companies.  I also attended Mock Interviews which was also with Ellen of Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Before hand, I did research about the agency and the person who interviewed me, so I had an idea of what the agency’s main role is.  The Mock Interview went really well and I liked it because it built my confidence and learned what I should say and not say to the employer.  Overall, being at Career Services, help me to get out of my comfort zone and explore the world.

~Chai Lee

Federal Internships

By Emily Colon 

The webinar “Go Government: Landing your Dream Internship” took place on Feb. 8, 2012. The facilitator was career adviser Cassie Curry from Career Services. There were a decent number of attendees for an auditory webinar.

The two panel members, Chris Hogan and Jessica Wahl, were featured. Chris works for Homeland Security and Jessica works for the Department of the Interior. They talked about a variety of topics including how there are many different opportunities within federal jobs. Websites where you can go to find federal internships are USA.gov, makingthedifference.org and usajobs.gov.

There are also many third party internship providers such as agency websites, career development centers, career fairs, social media and personal networks.

Some facts about federal jobs are that they offer excellent pay and benefits, high levels of responsibility, valuable work experience, flexible schedules, training and professional development and great travel opportunities.

The panelists talked about the different bureaus and how there are internships for every major. Jessica said that the breadth of experience you get is great. Chris added that you get unique opportunities.

Some advice the panelists gave was to tailor your resume by using the job announcement, expand your experiences and make a master resume. Something interesting they mentioned was that federal agencies prefer if you wait until they contact you with a job opportunity rather than you contact them because they get many applications.

If you are interested in a federal internship, check out Titan Jobs, an online database with job postings and much more. And if you need help with tailoring your resume, make sure to make an appointment here at with a resource specialist at Career Services Ph: (920)424-2181

Brewers Career Fair at Miller Park

By Chrissy Lambie (@chrissylambie)

On Monday, April 23, career adviser Erin Rammer and I attended the Brewers Career Fair at Miller Park. Both Erin and I are big Brewers fans and when we saw the opportunity to combine our love of baseball, Brewers and helping students make connections in the sports industry, we had to make the trip!

Erin and I arrived at Miller Park at 4:00 p.m., and to our surprise there were many candidates looking to make connections with the representatives from the organizations in attendance. Both Erin and I are career fair pros and were pretty amazed that there were waits up to half an hour to speak to some of the representatives. We are used to seeing a line of 3 or 4 to talk to a representative, but when you see a line of 40 or 50 it can be pretty overwhelming.

Not to be intimidated, Erin and I talked to representatives from the Chicago Rush, Chicago Sky, Milwaukee Wave, ESPN Radio 540/1510, Wisconsin State Golf Association, Milwaukee Admirals, and Milwaukee Brewers. The few groups that we didn’t get a chance to talk to were the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (where we have established connections already) and the Milwaukee Bucks. Also in attendance were a couple of graduate programs from the Milwaukee area promoting their sports management programs.

It is our hope that by making these connections students at UW Oshkosh interested in breaking into the sports industry will have the opportunity to see internships and other positions posted in Titan Jobs. Also, we hope to help students make connections with the various representatives associated with these organizations.

As a result of this trip, I’ve already made a great connection at ESPN Deportes 1510 that is interested in students that want a radio experience and have Spanish speaking skills.

While this trip was a combination of work and play, Erin and I felt it was successful on both hands. We made some great professional connections that may pay off for UW Oshkosh students in the future!

On a fun note, after the career fair we were able to watch Brewers batting practice where I walked away with a practice ball that was tossed into the stands by third-base coach Ed Sedar. And during the third inning both Erin and I were featured on the jumbotron in the US Cellular fan photo of the day with the player cutout John Axford. We won his t-shirt. Erin was gracious enough to let me take the t-shirt home! Thanks Erin!

Minnesota Employment

As most students were ending the fall semester, Director of Career Services Jaime Page-Stadler was over in Minnesota creating new beginnings with two different employers. There are many different career paths to take, so Page-Stadler decided to visit two exciting organizations; Buffalo Wild Wings and Mayo Clinic.

As Buffalo Wild Wings explodes in the Midwest, they are providing opportunities in management and intern positions. These opportunities have a very competitive salary and many perks like watching football while working. Buffalo Wild Wings is looking for individuals that are passionate, have lots of energy, and demonstrate great customer service.

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., showcased their lab opportunities for science majors. Mayo Clinic is the largest employer in Minnesota, and they strive to be the best, not the biggest. Mayo Clinic has a Summer Lab Science Program for juniors who have one year remaining. It is a paid 12-week program. This opportunity is for students who are not perusing graduate school, but want to make a career in lab science.

Look for future posts on employer visits! If interested in visiting employers yourself, sign up in Titan Jobs.


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Movers and Shakers: Derek Schroeder – “You’ve got to be in it to get it”

By Derek Schroeder (@Derek_Schroeder)

We’ve all got a dream job in our heads, not the do nothing and get paid millions job, but the dream job where you work in the industry you want and for a company that you dig. For myself it’s doing public relations for a bicycle company or being an event planner/manager for a cyclocross racing series.

Now that you know my dream let me explain how I took the first step in getting there. I’ve had a few internships before I landed my dream internship doing public relations consulting for November Bicycles. My advice, take that first unpaid internship if you can’t find anything else and then try to get another internship through the university.

Next comes the fun part, ask yourself: “What am I passionate about?” I don’t mean school, I mean what do you do on you’re free time (which seems to be harder and harder these days)? For me it was cyclocross, I practically live and breathe it. I set up a search for the word “cyclocross” on my Hootsuite account and started following everyone that tweeted anything of importance.

Then I saw that November Bicycles was hosting a sweepstakes to win one of their cyclocross bicycles, but there was a catch there had to be 2345 entries for them to give bike away. So of course seizing the opportunity, I signed up for the sweepstakes, and shared it on all of my social media channels.

This is where following the word “cyclocross” came into play again. I saw @Aaron_Spicer Tweet, “Today would be a great day for me if I had a cyclocross bike! But alas… I do not.”

Of course I had to do something:

And thus I was on the radar of @NovemberBikes who right away thanked me for passing on their contest.

After that my now boss, Mike May, sent me a direct message on Twitter saying he had viewed my “background” on Twitter and my blog, which I started as part of Professor Sara Steffes Hansen’s #UWONEWMEDIA course. Several emails were exchanged and I was the new public relations intern for November Bicycles.

If this story teaches you anything, you must follow your passions to land that job or internship that you’ve always dreamed of. So go follow your passions!


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Movers and Shakers: Molly Guendert

My experience at the Milwaukee County Zoo and the importance of internships

By Molly Guendert

Being a college student is no walk in the park. Not only do we have to do a ton of work while in school, but then we have to worry about getting jobs after graduation to pay back all of the debt we’ve accumulated. Getting a job won’t be easy either. There are thousands of other students graduating with you, and a good amount of them are looking for a job in the same field as you. So here’s the big question: what can you do to make yourself stand out to an employer? Luckily I have the answer, internships! I was lucky enough to be the Milwaukee County Zoo’s public relations and social media intern last summer, and it was an incredible experience.

Hands on experience

Internships are a great way to get hands on experience in your field of interest. My bosses were experts in the PR field and I learned a great amount from them during my time as an intern. They taught me things such as how to write a proper news release, how to work with other professionals in the field and how news conferences function. I also got to attend meetings with them so I could get a taste of how the PR department interacted with other departments, such as the creative department and the zookeepers, at the zoo. The things that I learned from my internship are not things that could be learned in class or from a book.

Applying your skills

In addition to learning new things at my internship, I also got to apply skills I have already perfected. An example of this is that I created and maintained the zoo’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, since they did not have these. I knew more about what people would want to see on these pages than my bosses, so they gave me the freedom to post what I saw fit. In my three months at the zoo, the Facebook page I created went from zero likes to 430 likes and is still growing. Not only was this a great opportunity for the zoo, but also it was incredibly rewarding to watch the zoo’s social media presence grow.

The importance of internships

Some college students don’t realize how important internships are. According to Aramark, students who have completed at least one internship during their college time had a 60 percent better chance of landing a full-time job straight out of college than those who didn’t. Students who’ve completed two internships had a 90 percent chance, and those who held three internships had a 100 percent chance of full-time employment. Reading these numbers should encourage you to get out there and find internships, because they are great experiences that can only help you down the road!

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