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Movers and Shakers: Derek Schroeder – “You’ve got to be in it to get it”

By Derek Schroeder (@Derek_Schroeder)

We’ve all got a dream job in our heads, not the do nothing and get paid millions job, but the dream job where you work in the industry you want and for a company that you dig. For myself it’s doing public relations for a bicycle company or being an event planner/manager for a cyclocross racing series.

Now that you know my dream let me explain how I took the first step in getting there. I’ve had a few internships before I landed my dream internship doing public relations consulting for November Bicycles. My advice, take that first unpaid internship if you can’t find anything else and then try to get another internship through the university.

Next comes the fun part, ask yourself: “What am I passionate about?” I don’t mean school, I mean what do you do on you’re free time (which seems to be harder and harder these days)? For me it was cyclocross, I practically live and breathe it. I set up a search for the word “cyclocross” on my Hootsuite account and started following everyone that tweeted anything of importance.

Then I saw that November Bicycles was hosting a sweepstakes to win one of their cyclocross bicycles, but there was a catch there had to be 2345 entries for them to give bike away. So of course seizing the opportunity, I signed up for the sweepstakes, and shared it on all of my social media channels.

This is where following the word “cyclocross” came into play again. I saw @Aaron_Spicer Tweet, “Today would be a great day for me if I had a cyclocross bike! But alas… I do not.”

Of course I had to do something:

And thus I was on the radar of @NovemberBikes who right away thanked me for passing on their contest.

After that my now boss, Mike May, sent me a direct message on Twitter saying he had viewed my “background” on Twitter and my blog, which I started as part of Professor Sara Steffes Hansen’s #UWONEWMEDIA course. Several emails were exchanged and I was the new public relations intern for November Bicycles.

If this story teaches you anything, you must follow your passions to land that job or internship that you’ve always dreamed of. So go follow your passions!


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