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Look to impress for less!

By Emily Colon

If someone gave you $35 to spend on professional attire, do you think that would be possible? I am assuming most of you said no. Don’t worry, I was with you too. That is until I actually went out and accomplished this.

Career Services gave me $35 to find a professional outfit to wear to events. The best and probably only way to accomplish this is at a thrift store. Career adviser Cassie Curry and I went to take on this mission. What I found was unbelievable. I really found this hard to believe, but it turned out to be a total success. One of the most shocking things was that I was able to find more than just one outfit. I was able to find a professional suit, a very fun hot pink blazer, a few skirts, shirts and even shoes.

It was a fun outing and not only did we accomplish our goal I learned a few things as well. First I learned that Cassie has great taste and knew just where to find everything. I am 100 percent positive that I would not have succeeded without her. Some of the things I learned were what you can and cannot wear to certain events and outings in the professional field; I also learned that it is unprofessional to wear open-toed shoes to a professional outing such as an interview. Lastly, I learned that even though this is common sense, you should wear neutral colors to a professional gathering or interview and my pink blazer would definitely be inappropriate.

If you have any questions on what you should or should not wear to an interview or professional outing, make sure you pay a visit to Career Services to get some great advice!


UWO Career Services Video Blog: Shopping for Professional Outfits on a Budget

Our Career Advisor, Jacob Griesbach, is here to share his experience on an interoffice competition that he rocked out on a budget! This Vlog is to made to show you how affordable it is to dress professionally. Jacob takes a tour of Oshkosh, finding steals in every corner, so check it out!!

Movers and Shakers: UWO alumnus creates his own clothing line

In 2011, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh alumnus Jason Kobishop ’10 decided to branch out his creative skills by trying his hand at the fashion industry. A few months later, the graphic design major created Bound by Blood Clothing, an Appleton based company that sells unique clothing via its online store.

“I’ve always had a love for making t-shirts; there’s just something very unique about the medium,” Kobishop said. “With websites, your goal is to design something that will look the same on every computer. When you create a magazine ad, the printed version will look the same in every copy of the magazine. But with clothing there are so many variables that can change your final product. The body shape of the person wearing it, the style in which they wear it, and what items they choose to wear with it. Add to that the ability for the design to move and change with every bend, twist and stretch of the moving body and you end up with a truly unique design every time.”

This week, the company launched its very first product line with an opportunity for customers to pre-order items. The first batch included tank tops, T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts. Other items to be added are flat-brimmed hats and handcrafted items from the Bloodline sub-brand. Designs from Bloodline are original creations of Kobishop that will be offered in limited quantities.

Along with managing his own clothing company, Kobishop works as a graphic artist for Coalesce Marketing and Design
located in Appleton. He is also the drummer for local band 5MAN.

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