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Career Fair Do’s and Definitely Do not’s

Career Fairs and networking can be nerve-wracking, but we’ve got you covered as long as you present yourself professionally and have done your research. Take a look at our entertaining elevator pitch examples: 7 Tips For Career Fair Success where we demonstrate some of our recommended do’s…

Clip from: Seven Tips For Success

And our definitely do not’s:

It's good to be confident and personal but probably best not to act like this around an employer

It’s good to be confident and personal but probably best not to act like this around an employer

(Click on the screen shots or the 7 Tips for Career Fair Success above the picture to check out this fun video)

Career Fairs only come around once in awhile so take advantage of having hundreds of options all in one place. Make sure to dress for success, come practiced and prepared and ready to make a professional impression. These events often lead to employment or internship positions and provide ample networking time.

Buying Business Dress for Less

One of our big events for the Spring semester is the Career Fair on the Fox. Even if you can’t recite your elevator pitch forward and backward, your company research is all prepared, and your resume has been scoured and no t’s have been left uncrossed or i’s left un-dotted, but you can still blow the Career Fair experience if you don’t arrive in professional dress.

You’ve probably heard the saying you don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

A whopping 55% of how we dress, act and walk through the door are the biggest factors of an interviewer or recruiter’s first impression.

So let’s get down to the first impression wardrobe do’s and don’ts. Sweatpants, hoodies and sneakers are completely out of the question. Most jeans, even if they are MissMe or $200 designer jeans, aren’t going to get the reaction you desire either.

Suit up. For women pantsuits, pencil or A-line skirts paired with a button down and a cardigan or blazer are key pieces. Avoid anything too tight. Even if you want to show off your amazing figure, you can flatter your assets without flashing your assets.  Keep it conservative with an appropriate neckline and hemline. Add a pop of color with a scarf or simple statement jewelry.

Dress pants, dress shirt, blazer and colorful scarf

Dress pants, dress shirt, blazer and colorful scarf

Men should also wear a suit or pair dress pants with a button down and a sweater vest. A tie or bow tie is always appropriate as long as the pattern and print aren’t distracting to the interviewer. Of course you want to make a memorable impression, but charm them with your knowledge and wit without searing that loud ugly tie into their brain.

Khaki colored dress slacks, button down, brown blazer and red tie.

Khaki colored dress slacks, button down, brown blazer and red tie.

The best part is that it’s extremely affordable. These two display outfits cost under $10 each thanks to the local Fox Valley Thrift Shop. Affordable, professional, stylish and memorable makes for a lasting impression. Not the best at coming up with fashionable combinations or feeling fashion an savvy challenged? No problem! Check out sites with professional dress ideas like Pinterest. Many pins can lead you to fashion blogs and offer endless ideas to keep you looking and feeling sharp.

Why Attend A Career Fair?

Two words; free pens. I can’t say I knew what to expect for my first career fair experience but it turned out there are no clowns and there are instead oodles of free pens.

I’ve been to a few fairs in my younger days, but this was my first formal attendance of the Career Fair on the Fox. Unlike my childhood memories of cotton candy and merry-go-round rides, this kind of fair involved much more mature opportunities like booths with company names on them (some still have candy), company chap-stick, and brochures. However as crazy as it sounds, I realize that a job opportunity has higher value and may last longer than a bit of sticky sweet pink fluff that dissolves in your mouth.

I wasn’t fully prepared for the enormity of the event with over 140 companies lined up in booths and waiting for me to approach them and strike up my best elevator pitch with the flourish of my well-rounded resume. In fact, I wandered through the aisles a couple times just taking in all the companies’ names and representatives smiling at me with their “ask me anything,” attitudes.

The first few booths made polite chit-chat but they just didn’t seem to have a position that I found desirable considering my Journalism Major. Reaching the homestretch of the final row of booths in the field house, I was drawn to the 4imprint company which posted openings for a graphic design position. I’m not a full fledged designing genius but I know how to work some of the newer graphic programs so I shyly smiled at Lia Cummings and we struck up a conversation about 4imprint and the potential career opportunities I may want to consider. I left with her business card, but the true gift had been the amount of information I had compiled today.

I also had a professional picture taken for free, which I can use for business cards and networking. The fair offered resume reviews and great interviewing experience. My reaction to this wonderful opportunity is that it really helped me practice and get comfortable with connecting to potential employers as well as learn about how to market myself and create positive and lasting  impressions.

Brewers Career Fair at Miller Park

By Chrissy Lambie (@chrissylambie)

On Monday, April 23, career adviser Erin Rammer and I attended the Brewers Career Fair at Miller Park. Both Erin and I are big Brewers fans and when we saw the opportunity to combine our love of baseball, Brewers and helping students make connections in the sports industry, we had to make the trip!

Erin and I arrived at Miller Park at 4:00 p.m., and to our surprise there were many candidates looking to make connections with the representatives from the organizations in attendance. Both Erin and I are career fair pros and were pretty amazed that there were waits up to half an hour to speak to some of the representatives. We are used to seeing a line of 3 or 4 to talk to a representative, but when you see a line of 40 or 50 it can be pretty overwhelming.

Not to be intimidated, Erin and I talked to representatives from the Chicago Rush, Chicago Sky, Milwaukee Wave, ESPN Radio 540/1510, Wisconsin State Golf Association, Milwaukee Admirals, and Milwaukee Brewers. The few groups that we didn’t get a chance to talk to were the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (where we have established connections already) and the Milwaukee Bucks. Also in attendance were a couple of graduate programs from the Milwaukee area promoting their sports management programs.

It is our hope that by making these connections students at UW Oshkosh interested in breaking into the sports industry will have the opportunity to see internships and other positions posted in Titan Jobs. Also, we hope to help students make connections with the various representatives associated with these organizations.

As a result of this trip, I’ve already made a great connection at ESPN Deportes 1510 that is interested in students that want a radio experience and have Spanish speaking skills.

While this trip was a combination of work and play, Erin and I felt it was successful on both hands. We made some great professional connections that may pay off for UW Oshkosh students in the future!

On a fun note, after the career fair we were able to watch Brewers batting practice where I walked away with a practice ball that was tossed into the stands by third-base coach Ed Sedar. And during the third inning both Erin and I were featured on the jumbotron in the US Cellular fan photo of the day with the player cutout John Axford. We won his t-shirt. Erin was gracious enough to let me take the t-shirt home! Thanks Erin!

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