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You’ve just come back from spring break and the realization that only a few weeks stand between you and graduation is suddenly a terrifying thought because… that means you have to get a grown-up job! The fact that you can no longer roll out of bed and rush to class in the comfort of your sweatpants is bearing down on you HARD. You find yourself staring at a blank computer screen unable to absorb that it’s actually happening. The time to take the next step towards finding employment is upon you. You might even panic at the realization that you have procrastinated in your attempt to take the preparatory steps of post-college career life. Here are a few suggestions to help you get the ball rolling as you dive into the professional world and seek out your career path.

  • Check your school resources! Your university wants you to get employed upon graduation, because it reflects the ability of the school to help you reach your future goals as a result of the education you have been provided. Most schools have a Career Services office to help you prepare your resume, cover letter and even guide you in your job search.
  • They also may offer opportunities directly from employers that are looking to hire for open positions by utilizing Career Services access to an abundant student database. Here at UW Oshkosh, these open job and internship opportunities can be found on Titan Jobs.
  • Talk to your professors and advisers for advice or networking connections that they may have developed with previous students. These days, networking is absolutely essential to building a reputation that may help you get your foot in the door.

Career Services Creating Connections in Reeve Ballroom on March 2nd, 2013.

Don’t leave it at that! The most important part of the job search is being persistent. Apply, apply, apply. Make sure to research the companies you are applying to, and always include a cover letter as well as a follow up inquiry pertaining to the receipt of your application (generally the Monday following a full two weeks after your original application date). This shows employers you are genuinely interested in working with their company.

There are an infinite number of job search sites out there and many of them are tailored directly to recent college grads. For more opportunities check out:

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